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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Madelyn Is William's Daughter

Madelyn felt like she had been pulled out of water.

On this Chinese New Year's Eve, Benjamin gave her an experience she had never had before, subverting all her previous knowledge.

The lights were suddenly turned on.

He kissed her, admiring the way her face turned red.

"Madelyn, you look so beautiful right now. Do you want to see?"

Madelyn covered her eyes.

She didn't want to see, not at all!

But Benjamin picked her up and headed straight for the bathroom in the master bedroom. Madelyn leaned against his shoulder, biting the flesh on his shoulder hard, but it was no use.

He pressed her from behind against the sink, holding onto her waist and admiring her with her.

"Madelyn, your face was even redder just now."

He whispered shamelessly into her ear.

Madelyn wanted to escape, but as soon as she turned around, he turned her back again!

He gently pinched her delicate and small face and lifted it towards the mirror.

Madelyn knew that she was a mess right now. Even if she looked presentable now, she was played by him into that state just now...

Madelyn knew that he didn't have loose private life, but he was still in that circle.

She wondered if he understood women better than those people like Grayson.

Did excellent people do better in all aspects, even in such situations?

She closed her eyes lightly and begged him softly.

"Benjamin, don't do this!"

Benjamin had teased her enough.

He still held her and admired her appearance in the mirror with great care. He also helped her straighten her dress carefully. Then he couldn't resist saying, "Don't go back tonight! I won't do anything, we'll just spend the night together."

They both had to be with their families on New Year.

So tonight, he wanted to celebrate the new year early with her.

Madelyn calmed down a bit.

She slowly opened her eyes, and her ears were red.

For her, tonight was like the first snow of winter melting away. With all the romantic things he had done for her, no woman could resist.

Madelyn didn't want things to progress too quickly.

She hesitated for a moment and said softly, "I should still go back!"

Benjamin was a little disappointed, but he still respected her. He just held her and said softly, "Stay with me a little longer, Madelyn... I want you to accompany me."

The things he meant by "accompany", of course, were those that made their faces turn red and their hearts beat faster.

When she left, Madelyn's face was flushed to her neck.

She had a sense that their cohabitation and the games Benjamin played with her were childish and he had never taken it seriously.

Late at night.

The golden European car slowly drove into the residential area where Madelyn lived.

After parking the car, Benjamin looked at the time and said, "It's already three o'clock. Madelyn, can I come up and spend the night?"

Madelyn shook her head gently.

But Benjamin refused to let her get out of the car and held her in his arms.

This kind of embrace was the most heart-warming.

After an unknown period of time...

Madelyn leaned against his shoulder and whispered softly, "Benjamin, I'm going upstairs."

Benjamin lowered his head to look at her.

His gaze was deep, always carrying that hint of desire. "Move back to my place after the new year, okay?"

Madelyn was taken aback.

She gently lifted herself up in his arms.

She knew that tonight was too ambiguous, so he made this request. It wasn't his fault.

She hadn't explained it clearly. "

Madelyn gently combed her hair with her slender and fair fingers before speaking cautiously, "Benjamin, isn't it good like this between us? You like being with me, and I can give you that. As for other things... let's talk about it later!"

Benjamin frowned.

He was used to being chased by people because of his status, but it was the first time he had ever pursued a woman like this. Besides, he had shown her his greatest tenderness tonight.

He had already done enough intimate things with her!

He sat up straight and ran his beautiful hands over the steering wheel.

"Do I lack that?"

"Madelyn, what I want is a serious relationship,"

Madelyn didn't reply.

In truth, Madelyn couldn't completely trust him, and despite Eleanor getting married, she still felt uneasy.


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