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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Benjamin, Let's Try Again!

Benjamin never answered her calls.

Was he... in love with Madelyn?

Madelyn, who was actually Daddy's biological daughter!

How could this be!

How could she take everything that belongs to her!

Eleanor's face twisted into a paranoid expression, a hint of cold laughter at the corner of her mouth.

So what if she was William's real daughter?

As long as she destroyed the evidence and took care of that half-dead jewelry merchant, no one would know the truth, and Eleanor would be William's only Eloise on hand!

Eleanor laughed lightly.

She tore the letter to shreds!

Downstairs, her husband was sleeping with the nanny again, making a lot of noise and completely ignoring his new wife...

Eleanor didn't care anymore!

New Year's Eve in Gredax.

At the end of the year, Benjamin had many social engagements, and they hadn't seen each other for several days.

Madelyn spent the New Year with Mr. and Mrs. Green.

"Oh... the pipe burst!"

Camila exclaimed from the kitchen, her apron soaked with water dripping onto the floor.

Samuel quickly said, "Quickly change your clothes, don't catch a cold."

Camila felt warm being cared for by her husband.

She walked towards the bedroom, saying to Madelyn, "Maddie, call the property management to come and fix the pipes, otherwise we won't be able to have our New Year's dinner."

Madelyn nodded.

She found the property management number and gave them a call.

The property management was fast, and roughly half an hour later the doorbell rang. Madelyn went to answer it.

When the door opened, Benjamin was standing outside.

Dark blue shirt, gray wool trousers.

A high-end dark gray coat.

Mature and handsome!

Madelyn was stunned and asked, "Why did you come over?"

Benjamin looked at her, his gaze somewhat tender. "I just finished work and came over."

Madelyn wanted to talk to him outside.

Camila changed her clothes and came out, just in time to see Benjamin. "Ben's here!"

Benjamin took the opportunity to go in, gallantly placing the gift he brought on the entryway and taking off his coat to hand it to Madelyn. "The office is busy, otherwise I would have come to visit Mr. Green earlier."

Camila was happy.

"It's so happy to see you! You don't have to bring gifts."

Benjamin looked at Madelyn and slowly said, "It's the first year, so it should be done."

Camila understood what he meant.

She calmly looked at Samuel and had him bring out the rules of conduct.

Samuel also understood.

Benjamin really wanted to pursue his girl, but the parents on both sides haven't met each other yet. No matter whose family they eat dinner at for New Year's Eve, it was not proper.

Samuel smiled and said, "The end of the year is busier! Madelyn, make some coffee for Benjamin. He still has to go home for New Year's Eve dinner."

Camila prepared coffee.

As she poured coffee, she said, "Madelyn, ask the property management why the pipe fixer hasn't arrived yet?"

Madelyn didn't want to deal with Benjamin, so she thought about going back to her room to make the call.

But Benjamin said, "Mrs. Green, let me try to fix it!"

Camila laughed happily.

"Ben, can you even do this? Don't... you might get your clothes dirty."

"It's no problem."


Benjamin rolled up his sleeves and got to work with tools in hand.


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