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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Madelyn, I Feel Sorry for You

The atmosphere was weird.

Madelyn knew quite a bit about Benjamin, and she was afraid that he would be angry.

Instead of being angry, he walked up to her and asked very gently, "What happened?"

Madelyn shook her head.

She looked up at him with trusting eyes.

Benjamin smiled, turned around, and said to Alexander, "Dad, this is Madelyn!"

He gently put his arms around Madelyn. "This is my dad!"

Alexander was over fifty years old and looked remarkably well-preserved. Benjamin more closely resembled Alexander.

Madelyn greeted Alexander respectfully.

Alexander slowly walked downstairs.

At this time, Brianna came over. When she saw Alexander did not say anything, she nudged him. "Madelyn said hello to you. Stop putting on airs."

Alexander's eyes were contemplative.

Alexander knew that Ben had brought a girl home on Eloise's birthday!

But Ben did not introduce the girl to Alexander on that day. Therefore, Alexander did not take that girl seriously.

Alexander never thought that Ben was in a serious relationship with her!

Alexander looked Madelyn up and down with his shrewd, sharp eyes.

She was good-looking and demure...

It was said that her career was booming!

Alexander was very fond of Madelyn, but he had never shown his feelings. He just nodded lightly and said to Brianna, "It's just Madeline's first visit to our house. And we are celebrating the New Year. Could you give her a New Year's present, please?"

Brianna then gave Madelyn a big New Year's gift.

She gave Madelyn a big wad of dollars and an expensive Taurus bracelet.

Madelyn was surprised.

Brianna said lovingly, "You're a Taurus, and it's your birth year. Wearing a Taurus bracelet can bring you good luck."

Madelyn smiled and thanked Brianna.

Benjamin looked at her with a half-smile, and Madelyn was annoyed but thought it was sweet.

After playing with the dog, Eloise rushed in.

Daniel was the only one unhappy in the hall when he knew that Benjamin and Madelyn were getting married.

During the dinner, Alexander was in a good mood and drank 250 milliliters of hard liquor.

Brianna didn't stop Alexander from drinking. She rarely allowed him to drink.

Madelyn was a bit restrained. And Benjamin was rarely attentive to a woman.

"Madelyn, the soup is nourishing."

"This is your favorite dish."


Madelyn was touched. But when she raised her eyes, she saw Daniel's malicious eyes and guessed what game Benjamin was playing.

He was doing it for Daniel!

Madelyn was angry and annoyed, but there was nothing she could do about him.

Under the table, Benjamin put one hand on her thigh and gently stroked it.

Daniel saw this clearly.

Madelyn took Benjamin's hand away, and a moment later, he put his hand on her thigh again and rubbed it.

She looked over at him.

Benjamin was dashing and confident.

He was talking to Alexander on a wide range of topics. The expression on his face didn't give away the obscene things he was doing under the table. Madelyn silently put her hand on his to prevent him from doing anything too much.

A moment later, he gently held her hand, and their fingers twined together.

Daniel's face was as white as a sheet.

He never thought the woman he had abandoned would break his heart so much...

After dinner, they began to drink coffee.

The men talked about business, and the women talked about life and relationships.

Brianna was full of joy.

She was going to hang out with Madelyn and Eloise later.

She wanted to go to the mall and stop by the coffee shop where her friends used to hang out.

It was the New Year holiday. She wanted her friends to meet her awesome daughter-in-law.

Brianna went upstairs to change her clothes when the maid came to report.

"Sir, Mr. Bennett is here."

Alexander was shocked. "William? Isn't he in Monatiz?"

Alexander was surprised, but he immediately went to the door to welcome William.

It was New Year's Day, but William was haggard. He didn't look right.

As soon as William entered the hall, he saw Madelyn who was treated like the daughter-in-law of the Clark family. His face was taut, and he bit back the words he would like to have said.

Alexander ordered the maid to serve coffee.

William drank a cup of coffee and became peaceful.

But William was still hesitant to speak. After all, Ben seemed to be settled... William thought it was a bit much for him to ask for that.

But Eleanor was his only daughter. So he still said it anyway.

"Alexander... Eleanor's getting a divorce!"

"Eleanor was abused by her husband and had two broken ribs. My wife and I took her back to Gredax for recuperation. I must let Eleanor get a divorce, but her husband has a special status. I want Ben to fight this lawsuit... I want him to talk to Eleanor. You're the only one Eleanor will listen to."



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