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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 178

Chapter 178 He Needed Her

Benjamin strode out of the room.

His white shirt was stained with blood, mostly from Daniel.

He lit a cigarette in the hallway, taking a slow drag.

Despite his dislike for Daniel, he couldn't deny the truth of what he had said.

He realized that his relationship with Madelyn, although seemingly equal, was not devoid of her concessions.

And due to their vastly different social standings, he took her sacrifices for granted, never really considering her feelings as a woman.

Lost in contemplation, Benjamin continued to smoke his cigarette.

His chiselled features and noble bearing never failed to attract the attention of women, and Caroline was no exception.

She was Daniel's lover, working at the Orchid Club, and bore an uncanny resemblance to Madelyn.

When she first encountered Benjamin, he looked at her in a way that made her pulse quicken.

As they met again, Caroline couldn't resist the temptation of being with such a captivating man even if it was just for one night.

Caroline's heart raced.

She approached Benjamin and gently touched his handsome face, daring to ask, "Mr. Clark, may I join you for a drink?"

However, Benjamin was a fastidious man who detested unrelated women touching him!

He had imbibed so much wine that when Caroline touched him, he forcefully shoved her away, causing her slender body to slam into the opposite wall with a loud thud!

Caroline screamed in pain, and the commotion caught the attention of the club manager, who immediately rushed over to investigate.

Though it was not a significant incident, Benjamin's fury was ignited upon seeing Caroline's familiar face.

Without a moment's hesitation, he kicked open the door to a private room and forcefully shoved Caroline inside.

The manager quickly followed and apologized, "Please forgive her, Mr. Clark. She didn't mean to bother you."

Benjamin sat on the sofa and lit a cigarette, taking slow drags while he fixed his deep gaze on Caroline.

He was so handsome that Caroline couldn't help but feel a little flustered.

"Come here," Benjamin commanded suddenly, his deep voice sending shivers down Caroline's spine.

She tentatively approached him, wanting nothing more than to touch him, but fearing his rejection.

So when she got close enough, she only lifted her face up to attract him.

Benjamin gently pinched her chin and looked at her intently, assessing her features.

"She did bear some resemblance to Madelyn." He thought.

The manager believed that Benjamin was interested in Caroline and began promoting her.

"Caroline is one of our best," he said to Benjamin. "You really should give her a try."

Caroline bit her lip lightly, a temptation for men.

But Benjamin suddenly let go of her.

He wiped his palms with a damp towel before speaking calmly, "Now you have two choices. You can stop selling your body and start living a decent life, or you can get plastic surgery and change your face... And if I ever catch you selling yourself again with that face, in any place, I'll tear you apart!"

Caroline's legs trembled with fear, and the manager was on the verge of tears.

"What had Caroline done to anger this devil?" He thought.

Benjamin threw a check on the table, his expression cold. "Gredax is a big and safe city, but it's easy for me to make someone disappear."

The manager collapsed to the ground, overcome with fear and shock.

He was a shrewd person and immediately realized why Benjamin couldn't stand Caroline.

Her face bore some resemblance to his ex-girlfriend!

The manager cursed inwardly: Rich people have so many problems! Caroline only bears a slight resemblance to his ex-girlfriend, who isn't even his woman. He has no right to intervene with her livelihood!

But in the end, the manager knew better than to question the whims of the wealthy.

He still had Caroline sent back to her hometown overnight, begging and pleading with her to never return to Gredax again. After all, the little demon prince of the Clark family was not someone to be trifled with.


Benjamin stumbled, drunk to the point of being barely able to stand.

The club had sent a driver to escort him to his apartment building, but as he approached the entrance, he hesitated.

He didn't want to go up! Madelyn was not there!


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