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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 179

Chapter 179 Unaccepted Family Tie

Eleanor fixed Madelyn with a piercing stare.

Madelyn was wearing a chic green Chanel dress and looked vibrant.

Eleanor seethed with anger - how could Madelyn look so stunning and composed, and even win the Young Outstanding Award with such poise as ever even after Ben had abandoned her?

Eleanor resolved that she would never let Madelyn have the last laugh!

Despite her inner turmoil, she softened her voice, "I heard that you're going to win an award and I came today to give you a special gift to offer my congratulations!"

The secretary walked in with a tray of tea, and Madelyn calmly took a sip.

"Ms. Bennett, your kindness is not necessary. We have never had that kind of relationship," Madelyn responded coolly.

Eleanor reached into her pocket and pulled out a blade, her eyes filled with madness.

"Let's spill some blood and make Ms. Green's day a little brighter!" she exclaimed.

Vivian rolled her eyes, unimpressed with Eleanor's show.

She couldn't help but remark, "If you're really set on dying, at least don't do it on someone else's doorstep," she retorted. "By the way, Benjamin isn't here. We don't possess any rare blood to save you, so please don't be reckless!"

Madelyn regarded Eleanor with a cool gaze.

Eleanor chuckled, "Ben wouldn't see me, so I had to track you down instead, Ms. Green. If I cut myself and call the police, alleging that you hurt me, how do you think Ben will think about you?"

"I don't care what Ben thinks of me," Madelyn replied sharply. "But Ms. Bennett's life is precious, and you shouldn't endanger it."

Deep down, Madelyn knew Eleanor was not truly prepared to die.

How could such a selfish person be willing to end their own life?

Eleanor was like a child throwing a tantrum, trying to reclaim the candy she had carelessly thrown away. And she, Madelyn Green, was just a pawn in her emotional turmoil with Benjamin.

Eleanor smirked and sliced her wrist gently.

Then she proceeded to call William Bennett. "Daddy, Madelyn hurt me!" she cried, trying to mask the glee in her voice. "Come quickly and save me! I'm bleeding heavily..."

In a calculated move, she also called 911, demanding that the police come and take Madelyn away.

This way, she hoped to smear Madelyn's reputation and ruin her chances of becoming the "Outstanding Youth Award" winner.

William arrived promptly with several police officers.

Eleanor wasted no time throwing herself into his arms, sobbing uncontrollably. "Daddy, I just tried to reconcile Madelyn and Ben's relationship, but she refused and sliced my wrist, trying to kill me!" she cried, trying to paint herself as the innocent victim.

William held his daughter close, his face showing concern.

He turned to Madelyn and asked, "Is what Eleanor said true?"

Madelyn met his gaze with a mix of rage and frustration.

How could he believe Eleanor's lies over her?

It was painfully clear that in his heart, he believed Eleanor!

Madelyn couldn't help but feel like a fool, remembering not so long ago when William lay on the ground, vomiting blood at her mother's grave, calling out the name "Madeline" as if his life all depended on it.

His desperate features had even fooled her then.

But now, she realized that a dog's loyalty was more reliable than a man's love!

She lowered her gaze.

Thankfully, she had never planned on acknowledging William as her real father.

Otherwise, she would have got more humiliated!

Remaining stoic, Madelyn spoke again in an even tone, "Well, the evidence will tell the truth."

But Eleanor said softly: "The injuries on my hands are real, Ms. Green. I have no reason to frame you."

She put on a pitiful look and continued, "I even wanted to forgive you because of Ben, but Madelyn, you took it too far. I know you've always hated me, but I never thought you'd want me dead!"

William spoke calmly: "Madelyn, I suggest you apologize to Eleanor. If not, we will pursue legal action!"

Vivian couldn't hold back her curses!

"Mr. Bennett, are you mentally ill? If there's a lunatic in your family, make sure she wouldn't go around biting people. You might end up locking yourself up!"


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