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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Do You Know How Much She Has Lost


In the white ward, Madelyn lay quietly while the doctor looked helpless.

"Mrs. Logan, there's nothing physically wrong with your daughter, but she subconsciously doesn't want to wake up, so all we can do is wait!"

Vivian supported Camila.

Camila was extremely panicked, "So there's no medical method to wake her up?"

The doctor shook his head.

He hesitated for a moment and said, "The patient has been experiencing intense emotional fluctuations recently, so perhaps it would be good for her to rest for a while."

Camila wasn't sure if the doctor's words were good or bad, and she remained worried.

Vivian was also concerned about Madelyn, but she tried to comfort Camila first, "There should be no major problems. Let Madelyn sleep for another day or two."

Camila nodded tearfully.

She brought a basin of hot water and silently wiped Madelyn's hands.

Vivian looked at those slender fingers, her eyes becoming sore. Camila didn't know that Madelyn could never be a pianist again!

She wiped away her tears, and Grayson approached with a prescription in hand.

He lowered his voice, "Why are you crying? Madelyn is fine lying here. Stop crying. It's unlucky!"

Vivian glanced at him, "I'm just sad!"

Grayson hugged her.

He didn't tell her that earlier at the pharmacy, he saw Jackson accompanying Elizabeth for a check-up, and their sweetness made him sick!

But it was OK. If Jackson didn't cheat, he didn't have a chance to pursue Vivian.

Grayson comforted Camila a few more words. Camila knew he was Bryson's cousin, so she felt somewhat uneasy.

At this moment, footsteps could be heard at the door.

William and Constance came over, wearing unpleasant expressions, especially Constance who appeared particularly worried because Eleanor had been arrested!

When the elders met, the atmosphere became extremely awkward. Camila carefully placed Madelyn's hands under the blanket and spoke coldly, "Mr. Bennett, what are you here for? Don't you think your daughter Eleanor has caused enough harm to Madelyn?"

William stared at Madelyn.

The child lay there quietly, as if sleeping.

Camila smiled bitterly, "The doctor said she doesn't want to wake up. Mr. Bennett, are you satisfied now?"

William choked, "I arrange a doctor for her!"

Vivian couldn't hold back and retorted, "Mr. Bennett, don't appear in front of Madelyn and upset her. That would be the biggest help you could offer! I beg you to recognize your own identity. No matter how prestigious you are, right now you're just a criminal's father!"

Constance became displeased when she heard these words.

With a stern expression, she said, "Our Eleanor unintentionally hurt her because of her bad mood. She wasn't intentional!"

Vivian coldly sneered.

She also turned cold, "Can you cause harm to others just because of a bad mood? Mrs. Carson, Eleanor is doomed in this lawsuit!"

Constance held her position.

She coldly smiled, "Madelyn holds a grudge because of Benjamin, right? Actually, she hasn't lost anything substantial. I don't know why she's being so dramatic!"

William scolded, "Constance, enough!"

Constance fell silent, and then William softened his voice and said to Camila, "Madelyn is my flesh and blood. The family knows about it now, and my mother really wants to meet her granddaughter! Mrs. Logan, I hope you can persuade Madelyn to return to my family, and then I will take her abroad for the most systematic music training, to make her a world-renowned musician!"

Madelyn inherited his talent.

In this aspect, Eleanor couldn't compare to her!


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