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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 182

Chapter 182 How Can I Make You Forgive Me

Red marks appeared on Benjamin's face.

He didn't bother about the slap on his face. He only stared at Madelyn. His gaze was dark and gloomy like water.

Madelyn felt a heart-wrenching pain, making it difficult for her to breathe!

She wasn't made of wood, she could feel pain too.

The things she had desperately tried to forget were once again presented before her by Benjamin.

Madelyn's fair throat moved slightly.

She spoke with suppressed emotions, "Benjamin, there are things that can be bought with money, such as this Morning Dew, such as these decorations. As long as Mr. Clark wants it, there is nothing money can't buy! But emotions, once they're gone, they're gone. No matter how much money you spend, you can't bring them back!"

Benjamin gazed at her.

He still felt the same way about her as when he first met her - she was beautiful, and he wanted to possess her.

But... there were also some differences now.

As if, after this incident, Madelyn had become something indispensable in his life. He simply couldn't give her up. If he could, he wouldn't be in such a sorry state!

Benjamin struggled to speak, "How can I make you forgive me?"

He understood women, especially Madelyn!

He knew that she still had feelings for him. If she was angry or resentful, he was willing to compensate her, no matter the cost.

Madelyn felt that she couldn't continue talking to him any longer.

She lowered her gaze and smiled bitterly, "Benjamin, when I wanted to talk to you, you didn't give me a chance! Now, why do you think I should give you that chance? Take me back, I don't even have my phone with me!"

Benjamin pursed his thin lips.

In the end, he still sent her back to the hospital.

The car stopped...

Madelyn undid her seatbelt and wanted to get out of the car.

Benjamin grabbed her arm and looked at her intently, "I've invited the best experts. Perhaps they can find a way to treat your foot!"

Madelyn stared ahead expressionlessly.

She said, "No need!"

After speaking, she forcefully broke free from his grasp, opened the door, and got out of the car.

Benjamin wanted to follow her, but he held himself back when he saw her resolute figure refusing him.


In the afternoon, Benjamin was in a meeting at the office.

His phone rang.

He saw that it was a call from the medical expert team, so he made a gesture to pause the meeting and answered the call.

On the other end of the phone, a foreign expert told him, "Mr. Bennett, Ms. Green has refused our treatment. We regret to inform you that we're returning home! Furthermore... based on the available information, there is less than a ten percent chance of nerve recovery for Ms. Green."

Less than ten percent...

Benjamin held his phone, expressionless.

At night, he went to the hospital, but Madelyn refused to see him!


On the day Madelyn was discharged from the hospital, William came.

He came specifically to see Madelyn and to plead for Eleanor.

Madelyn spoke softly, "I have no intention of dropping the charges against Eleanor!"

William visibly paused.

He silently gazed at the girl in front of him, who looked so much like his Madeline and had a similar temperament.

William spoke gently, "Regardless, she is your sister! Madelyn, can you give her a chance for the sake of Dad? I've asked Ben about it, but he refuses to intervene. Dad can only come and ask you!"

Madelyn listened in a daze.

Benjamin refuses to help, so that's why he came to plead with her?

Did it mean that if Benjamin did help, the Bennett family would proudly stand against her in court?


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