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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 183

Chapter 183 Give It a Try with Me

After being discharged from the hospital, Madelyn took a trip to Oriapool.

She stayed there for a week, keeping Penelope company. But in the end, Penelope sent her back.

"There are so many things to deal with in Gredax. Don't just stay here and accompany me. I'm fine! There's sunshine, handsome guys, and many other beautiful things. Even the doctors look attractive." Penelope blinked.

Madelyn smiled lightly, "Alright, then I'll go back!"

Penelope accompanied her on the car ride.

Before she left, she held Madelyn's hands and whispered, "You've grown up! You're different now!"


Madelyn had just arrived in Gredax when she received a call from Vivian, who asked her for a gift and also invited her to Grayson's birthday party.

Madelyn had just put down her luggage.

She sat on the sofa in her small flat and smiled, "I have prepared several gifts for you, but I won't go to the birthday party."

Vivian whispered, "Grayson didn't invite him!"

Madelyn knew exactly who "him" referred to, and after thinking a while, she finally agreed to go.


On Friday night, Madelyn went home, changed into a dress, and then took a taxi to the clubhouse.

The private room was already lively.

Most of the people were Grayson's friends, and there were also a few of Vivian's classmates whom Madelyn knew.

Madelyn handed over the gifts - a pair of watches that were quite expensive and made in Oriapool.

Vivian looked at the watches with teary eyes and kept saying, "Too expensive! Madelyn, you're really generous to me!"

She called Grayson over.

Deep down, Grayson respected Madelyn.

Madelyn had stepped one foot into a wealthy family, but she withdrew herself in the end.

Grayson saw Benjamin desperately trying to reconcile, and if he were a woman, he wouldn't be able to resist. But Madelyn resisted, and for that, he respected her.

Grayson hugged Vivian's waist and said pleasingly, "I didn't lie, did I? I said I didn't invite him, and I'm annoyed with him too!"

Madelyn smiled lightly, "It would be better if you didn't mention it, Grayson!"

Grayson, provoking trouble again, said, "Today, I've invited many friends, all of them handsome and charming. Madelyn, if you like any one of them, feel free to take him away!"

Vivian pinched his waist, "What nonsense are you talking about?"

Grayson was begging for a beating again, and he made a gesture, arranging Madelyn next to Bryson.

Madelyn didn't expect to meet Bryson in such an occasion.

But they were both adults now, and avoiding each other would be too petty. Madelyn greeted Bryson generously, "Long time no see, Bryson."

The story between Madelyn and Benjamin was well-known within the small circle in Gredax.

Bryson looked at Madelyn's delicate face and complex emotions slid through his heart. He couldn't forget the ten days he spent with Madelyn, nor could he forget when they embraced each other and watched the fireworks.

She was single again, but he was about to get married.

After a few words, Bryson's voice choked, "I'm getting married next month!"

Madelyn offered her congratulations, "Congratulations, Bryson!"

Bryson felt bitter in his heart.

He had no feelings for his future wife, and the person he liked was right in front of him, but they could no longer be together.

He smiled lightly, "Thank you!"

After that, they didn't talk much. Madelyn silently watched Grayson confessing to Vivian, watched others laughing and singing, and watched Vivian curl up in Grayson's arms!

She felt a bit envious of Vivian because Vivian dared to love and hate without reservation.

As for her, she had been caught up in a relationship and couldn't easily believe in love.

Later, Jackson came and caused a scene.

He had drunk too much and came over with a bottle of alcohol to congratulate Grayson.

"Grayson! I'm not jealous of you at all!"

"You're hugging Vivian now, but I also have Elizabeth... Elizabeth is carrying my child in her belly! I'm feeling so good, my life is so comfortable now! No woman will bother me for drinking and fooling around outside anymore. As long as I give her money, a bunch of money, Elizabeth's mouth will be shut. When I get home, I'll still be the boss, and she will serve me on her knees even with a pregnant belly!"


Vivian's face turned pale.

Jackson stared into her eyes and said, "Elizabeth is due to give birth in a few months. When should we go and get divorced? Hurry up and make room for her."


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