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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 184

Chapter 184 I'd Rather You Hate Me

Early in the morning, Madelyn took a walk with Snowy.

It was early summer, and she wore a white sportswear outfit, revealing a fair portion of her legs, which was quite eye-catching.

At least, Benjamin's Adam's apple rolled several times when he saw her.

He got out of the car and gazed deeply at her. "Walking the dog?"

Madelyn passed by him, holding Snowy's leash, and walked towards the lake.

Snowy turned back and barked at him a few times.

Benjamin lowered his head and lit a cigarette, following her silently.

Madelyn ignored him.

She walked the dog for an hour, had breakfast, and bought a pack of toast and milk on her way back.

While going upstairs...

Benjamin grabbed her wrist tightly. "You're with him now?"

Madelyn froze for a moment.

Then she understood. He saw it last night and had been following her all the way here!

Madelyn's face turned cold. "Mr. Clark, we've already broken up! My business has nothing to do with you, and I don't need to report everything to you!"

She forcefully broke free from his grip and quickly entered the flat.

Closing the door, she leaned against it.

Every time she saw Benjamin, her heart would ache. She couldn't remain indifferent, but... she didn't want to continue like this!

What did his repeated entanglements mean?

Madelyn had considered moving out, but she also thought that she hadn't done anything wrong. Why should she hide from him?


That night, Madelyn rejected David, but he didn't give up.

He was smart, doing everything subtly!

He only appeared four or five times a month, either having dinner at her place or giving some health supplements to Camila. Over time, people in Gredax knew that David liked her and was pursuing her!

Tonight, David coincidentally ran into Madelyn again.

He brazenly had dinner at Madelyn's small flat. But at nine o'clock, he left tactfully, not giving Madelyn any reason to refuse him.

Madelyn escorted him downstairs.

David got into his car, and she hesitated for a moment but ultimately didn't say anything!

David smiled.

When he smiled, he looked young and attractive. Any girl would like him, and even Madelyn was slightly stunned.

David seemed to be aware of it too.

He leaned close to Madelyn's ear, his voice full of allure. "You can't escape from me!" After saying that, he started the car with a look of satisfaction and drove away.

Madelyn stood still in the night...

The night breeze was pleasant.

She sat on a bench under a plane tree, gently closing her eyes and enjoying the gentle breeze on her face.

A slender figure appeared, and Benjamin's gaze was complex.

He saw it just now, saw David smiling at her, and saw Madelyn's relaxed expression. He couldn't bear it anymore, lightly pinched Madelyn's chin, kissed her lips, and slid his tongue in...

Madelyn wasn't prepared for it!


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