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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 196

Chapter 196 I Just Want Her to Be Happy

Madelyn received a call from Jameson, which came as a surprise.

She thought there was no chance of cooperation with Jameson, so she was preparing to find another partner, but unexpectedly, the situation took a turn...

Jameson readily agreed.

Then they discussed the details of the contract, which was settled within a week.

Madelyn owned six Music Centers, and of course, those places dedicated to teaching piano couldn't be changed. So she used the 3 million Tyler invested to rent storefronts and renovate them.

All the Music Centers were equipped with exhibition halls.

Nicolas had many car enthusiast friends, all young and dressed in suits and ties, appearing quite refined. They knew about cars and had connections. On the opening day, the cars sold like hotcakes!

200 cars generated sales of 13 million.

Madelyn personally called Jameson to inform him, and Jameson's face was beaming.

He spoke warmly, "I underestimated Ms. Green's capabilities. No one has tapped into this market before, and Ms. Green was the first to seize the opportunity! In that case, so to celebrate, I'll give you a little something extra!"

Madelyn smiled faintly. "Thank you, Jameson. I'll treat you to a meal another day."

Jameson naturally accepted. "Sounds good!"


Madelyn hung up the phone.

Nicolas, the little wolf dog, came over with a stack of orders. He was wearing a pitch-black suit, his slender figure captivating, and he sat next to Madelyn, complaining in a low voice, "They all want to devour me! You've turned this place into the Dark Horse Club."

As he spoke, he couldn't help but act coquettishly and lean closer.

Madelyn glanced at him.

The little wolf dog immediately sat up straight and dared not move. He was actually a little afraid of Madelyn. Madelyn took the orders from his hand and flipped through them gently, praising, "Well done! You should have earned tens of thousands in commissions today!"

The little wolf dog's eyes were filled with longing!

He wanted her to reward him with something else!

Little did Madelyn know what was going on in his mind. She carefully thought for a moment and said, "The popularity today may only last for a week! I want to establish a planning department to promote our exhibition halls! In addition... The lobbies of some high-end shopping malls are also an opportunity!"

Nicolas exclaimed, "How much money do you want to earn, woman?"

He didn't want to deal with these troublesome matters. He just wanted to rest, have fun with his buddies, and drink some alcohol.

Madelyn's face darkened.

She said expressionlessly, "If you don't want to do it, I'll call Mr. Zachary right away and explain it to him."

"Fine, fine, fine!" Nicolas shouted.

He glanced at Madelyn again. She lowered her head to look at the plans, and her profile was soft and beautiful. Her hair color seemed different from others, and it wasn't dyed...

So beautiful!

He must conquer her. After picking the fruits of victory, he would show off to Benjamin.


"I'm not someone to mess with!"


Bravo Legal Firm.

Benjamin sat in his office and just finished a video conference.

Paisley came in.

Benjamin looked up at her, took a sip of coffee, and asked softly, "Did you find out?"

Paisley nodded and placed the documents she was holding in front of him. She said, "Ms. Green has done well in this project. She is planning to expand the market in Gredax and the surrounding shopping malls. She has been on business trips these days."

Benjamin slowly went through the documents.

He majored in law and minored in finance, so he naturally understood them.

Soon, he noticed some issues, such as sustainability. Madelyn probably considered that too, which was why she wanted to explore other markets.

"The scale is so large..."


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