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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 197

Chapter 197 I Want to See You

After William left, Madelyn stayed alone for a long while.

When she went to the banquet, she regained her composure.

Nicolas went up to her and said, "Did that old man come to see you again just now? Did he ask you to provide for him after someone took away all his money?"

Madelyn took a goblet of champagne and said, "Don't gossip on such a formal occasion."

Nicolas snorted softly. "I care about you."

Madelyn knew what was on his mind. He wanted to embarrass Benjamin. She wasn't so blind as to think this playboy fancied her.

However, she took three million dollars from Tyler, so she had to perform her duty.

Madelyn took Nicolas along when she greeted the guests. She was graceful, and the young man behaved decently without causing any trouble.

Two wealthy men chatted happily in the distance.

Tyler said with a broad smile, "Alexander, it is worth three million dollars. Nicolas has changed completely within a month."

Alexander echoed, "I see that our Madelyn has grown mature. When girls meet someone younger, their motherhood is brought out."

After he spoke, he chuckled.

Tyler's face stiffened. "Your Madelyn?"

Alexander said in surprise, "Tyler, don't you know? Madelyn almost married Benjamin. They're having a small fight and trying to reconcile now."

Tyler's heart sank.

Madelyn was a nice girl. But would his son beat Benjamin? Benjamin was famous for his schemes in the legal business and never failed to get what he wanted.

Tyler started to worry about his son.

However, he was too proud to admit it, so he said with a feigned laugh, "They will court the girls they like in their own ways."

Alexander raised his goblet.

Speak of the devil, Benjamin came.

He came without being invited. His special and sensitive identity attracted much attention.

When Madelyn turned around, she saw him.

She was attired in a pure white dress.

He was wearing a black and white suit.

They looked at each other at their best ages with their best countenances. At that moment, it seemed all the other people disappeared, and all the noises stopped.

Benjamin went up to her slowly and said, "Congratulations!"

Madelyn paused.

Nicolas was annoyed, thinking she couldn't forget about Benjamin.

He nudged at her, and Madelyn came back to her senses.

Benjamin suddenly chuckled softly.

He knew Madelyn always loved his countenance, no matter what she had experienced or how much she hated him. The admiration in her eyes was evident.

Benjamin handed her a gift.

He said gently, "Madelyn, I won't miss any of the important days from now on."

Madelyn didn't want to lose her temper in public.

Moreover, many people were looking at them.

She handed the gift to Nicolas and said lightly, "Mr. Clark, you've flattered me. I don't think you should say these words considering our relationship. You're a guest here. Have fun."

After she spoke, Madelyn nodded at Benjamin slightly and went away to entertain the guests.

She took Nicolas with her.

Benjamin didn't move his eyes away from her. He watched her entertain the guests and dance with them. Occasionally, she met his eyes, but she quickly turned away and chose not to see him.

Madelyn behaved perfectly at the banquet.

But only she knew that she was vulnerable and heartbroken.

She got drunk...

When it was over, Madelyn splashed cold water on her face in the bathroom.

Nicolas leaned against the wall outside and played games on his mobile phone. When he waited for her, he ridiculed her. "When Benjamin came, your eyes lit up. What's so good about him? If he's so good, why did you break up with him?"

Madelyn came out of the bathroom.

She said in an icy voice, "It's none of your business."

Nicolas snorted coldly and followed her. "Do you think I want to interfere with your business? You look like a coward. What, don't you dare to fall in love again after being hurt? You're only twenty-five, but you live like a nun. Don't tell me that you plan to live the rest of your life alone."

Madelyn came to a halt.

She froze...


Only Nicolas saw her through. Yes, he was right. Madelyn didn't dare to love anyone after being hurt by Benjamin. Back then, everyone thought she would fall for David, but she didn't. She didn't dare to love anyone.

She was not as tough as she thought.

Madelyn didn't let Nicolas drive her home. She planned to take a taxi. When she went out of the building, she saw Benjamin.

He leaned against the car, smoking a cigarette.

He was dazzling in the neon lights, but she couldn't afford to love him.

Madelyn called for a taxi.

When she was waiting, Benjamin stubbed out the cigarette and came over with a frown. "Where's Nicolas? Why didn't he give you a lift?"



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