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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 202

Chapter 202 I Won't Touch You Without Your Permission

Madelyn didn't want to go to his place.

Nor did she want to have a candlelight dinner or flirt with him. That didn't fit them.

Clenching her phone, she fixed her gaze on her desk.

In the end, she answered in a soft voice, "Okay. I will clock out half an hour later."

Madelyn then ended the call.

She withdrew several thick document folders and put them into her briefcase. Thinking that those were not enough, she put more document folders into her briefcase.

When she walked out of the office building, she spotted Benjamin's car.

He often drove his black Maybach these days.

Seeing Madelyn, he got out of his car, walked to the side of the passenger seat, and opened the car door for her. He took a glance at the briefcase in her hand and said with a meaningful smile, "Are you going to work so hard during the weekend? Then you won't be able to enjoy your private life."

His tone was always sarcastic.

Madelyn pretended as if she couldn't sense his connotation. She got into the car, fastened the seatbelt, and then turned to look at him and replied, "I need to deal with many affairs recently. By the way, Vivian has divorced Jackson. Thank you."

apparently, Benjamin didn't want to talk about the divorced couple. With his eyes fixed on the road ahead, he said, "Let's go to your apartment to pick up Snowy first. That puppy must have gotten bored."

Madelyn didn't object to it.

He stopped the car downstairs her apartment and Madelyn went upstairs to bring Snowy down.

Snowy barked at Benjamin when it got into the car.

Benjamin didn't want to get serious with a dog. He just teased, "Why does it always repulse me? It was me who took it back."

Madelyn caressed Snowy's head and replied, "Probably it's because you have the same nature and gender."

She curled up her lips when she finished the words.

Benjamin looked at her meaningfully.

Ever since their breakup, Madelyn hadn't smiled like this before him for so long. For him, such a light smile of hers was as beautiful as the melting snow.

He had the urge to kiss her.

Madelyn sensed his emotions and her smile disappeared as she fixed her gaze on the road ahead.

Benjamin smiled subtly and slightly stepped on the accelerator, driving the car toward his villa.


The villa he was now living in had a total area of 2,000 square meters and was located in the most prosperous region of the city. It could be called a luxurious house.

After parking the car, Benjamin unfastened his seatbelt and said casually, "I don't have regular servants in this villa. Servants from the Clarks' mansion would come to prepare dinner for me every day. It should be ready an hour later."

Madelyn nodded.

Benjamin got out of his car and held Snowy's leash. "I'll walk this dog to improve our relationship. Go into the living room to wait for us."

Madelyn glanced at the vast lawn of the villa.

Snowy should be very happy.

She walked into the living room and made use of this free period to process the documents. A servant came to serve her coffee. Madelyn recognized her - She was a maid of the Clarks' mansion. She thanked her in a soft voice, but she wasn't too enthusiastic.

It was July in summer and was hot with long hours of sunshine.

Benjamin sweated all over after walking Snowy around the lawn, but he still decided to bathe the dog first.

Standing on the green lawn, the dog bared its teeth.

It appeared to be enjoying it.

Benjamin gently smacked its ass and let it play by itself. Then he walked into the main hall.

Madelyn was sitting in the living room quietly and was dealing with her work.

Feeling reluctant, Benjamin walked over despite his wetness. He leaned forward and gently bit her neck. His teeth rubbed against her skin as he remarked, "Ms. Green, you're so busy."

Madelyn looked up, only to meet his handsome face.

Benjamin closed her document and said, "Have a rest."

Before Madelyn could say anything, he had already begun to walk toward the second floor. He unbuttoned his shirt while shaking his wet hair. His casual behavior was truly sexy.

Madelyn was apparently stunned.

A courtyard with a lawn, a puppy, and a handsome husband... In the past, she had yearned for such a scene again and again. Now it was presented right before her, but she didn't feel touched anymore.

When Benjamin went downstairs after taking a shower, he saw Madelyn sipping a cup of coffee.


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