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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Mr. Clark Has a Bad Time After the Breakup

When Madelyn woke up, she found it was already afternoon.

The air conditioner in the apartment was set at a proper temperature and was not cold at all.

Footsteps could be heard from the living room. But they were very subtle and she couldn't hear them if she didn't stay focused.

Madelyn hurriedly sat up.

Much to her surprise, the comer was Benjamin's secretary, Paisley, with a doctor behind her.

Finding that Madelyn had woken up, Paisley said delightfully, "Hearing that you were sick, Mr. Clark asked me to bring a doctor over to check on you. He has an important meeting today. Otherwise, he would have come by himself."

Madelyn was still dizzy, but right at this moment, she felt embarrassed more.

Paisley knew between than anyone about her relationship with Benjamin. Moreover, she must have heard her moans when she and Benjamin made love in his apartment on New Year's Eve.

Madelyn ignored these.

She replied in a husky voice, "Probably I caught a cold. It's no big deal."

Paisley replied smilingly, "But Mr. Clark feels distressed for you."

Madelyn felt more embarrassed.

The doctor had remained silent during the whole process. He gave Madelyn a shot after examining her and then directly left.

Only Madelyn and Paisley were left in the apartment.

Paisley was a veteran in the workplace who could ignore all the award vibes. She didn't feel unease in such a situation at all. Instead, she put on an apron and smiled, "Don't eat greasy food when you're sick. Let me make some soup for you. I spotted artichoke in the refrigerator just now."

Madelyn didn't want to bother her.

But Paisley gently pressed her down and said, "Mr. Clark would worry about you if it were the other person to come over. It's great that I can have half a day off today and that I can go to pick up my son earlier."

Madelyn smiled.

She knew that Paisley was Benjamin's reliable subordinate and was very cautious with the organization of words.

Paisley chatted with Madelyn casually when making the soup. What she asked was all about what happened to Madelyn after she broke up with Benjamin. In the end, she heaved a sigh softly and said, "Madelyn, Mr. Clark had a bad time in the past half a year."

She was aware of the conflicts between Madelyn and Benjamin and she also felt guilty for Madelyn.

If she didn't ask Madelyn to send the document to Benjamin that night, probably the two wouldn't have broken up. However, as a woman, she was also happy that Madelyn had gone to the office that day. Otherwise, just like many couples, they wouldn't be able to end happily...

Paisley talked a lot.

When Madelyn drank the soup, she said slowly, "You don't have to blame yourself. We broke up not because of any other people, not even completely because of Eleanor. At that time, we didn't break up even if Eleanor cut her wrist again and again. We broke up because of the conflicts between us."

If Benjamin wanted to get married, he would like other men of the upper class.

He would have a decent wife who would give birth to his heir.

He was obsessed with her body and he could guarantee his loyalty when he still liked her body. However, when his sense of novelty died down, no one could be sure about it.

She couldn't be sure about it. Nor could he.

However, what Madelyn wanted was a lover who would be loyal to her for the rest of his life.

She had never loved a person so fearlessly with such a strong desire to stay with him. However, she thought she would not be like this anymore.

But she lost all her courage after that slap.

Madelyn didn't tell Paisley about these things.

In fact, it was not about right or wrong. Nor was it about if she should forgive him. It was just that she didn't love him anymore.

Now they had reached a one-year agreement.

She would accept it no matter how he would treat her, but she wouldn't love him.


Paisley left at half past four.

At 8 p.m., Benjamin called Madelyn and the latter directly answered the call without any reluctance.

Benjamin asked very gently from the other end of the lien, "Did you get better?"

Madelyn answered with a grunt and said, "Thank you for asking Paisley over to take care of me."

There was a short silence.

Benjamin chuckled and asked, "Do you want me to come over? I just clocked out. I can go to buy something you like to eat. There's a concert tonight, but it's so unlucky that you're sick and can't go there to watch the concert. How about watching the live broadcasting at home with me?"

Madelyn knew what he meant.

He was trying to narrow the distance between them and got along with her like a pair of ordinary couples.

However, she was not in the mood.

But she couldn't offend him for this reason. Therefore, she replied vaguely, "I feel uncomfortable and want to have some sleep. How about the weekend? I'll accompany you this weekend."

Benjamin didn't reply.

Nor did Madelyn speak.


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