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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 220

Chapter 220 Ready to Set Her Free

Benjamin didn't avoid it.

A small stream of crimson blood flowed down his face...

Kenneth didn't care about all that. He stood before Benjamin, his voice trembling with anger: "Benjamin, have you thought about the consequences of your actions? Can Madelyn bear it? What if... what if she really loses the baby? If that happens, Benjamin, you're finished!"

Benjamin closed his eyes slightly, "I know it! I know it!"

He had no other choice!

Madelyn hated him so much. He couldn't help her anything. He couldn't bear to see her suffering in pain anymore. If a change of environment could make her better, he was willing... he was ready to set her free!

Kenneth remained silent for a while.

But Benjamin knew that he had agreed.

Wiping away the blood from his forehead, Benjamin got up and left.

Once the door closed, Kenneth erupted in anger alone, sweeping the documents off the floor and cursing, "This lunatic, loving her so much! What the hell was he doing earlier?"

As he cursed, Kenneth slumped down wearily.

His eyes were red.

In fact, he knew deep down that doing this would at least save Madelyn's life.


Benjamin returned to the hospital room.

Madelyn was still staring at the baby. Benjamin wondered if she had slept for up to three hours each day.

She was slowly draining her life for this baby.

Having made such a decision, Benjamin felt a sense of bitter sorrow in his heart. He had never experienced this emotion since he was young, but now he tasted it.

He was a husband and a father.

He needed to do better!

He had turned his wife into what she had become...

He embraced her tightly. Perhaps it was the last time he could openly hold her like this.

Madelyn naturally resisted.

But Benjamin held onto her desperately, his chin resting on her shoulder as he whispered, "Let me hold you for a while, just this once. Madelyn... Don't push me away!"

She had no strength left and silently allowed him to hold her.

It felt like holding onto a cold lump of ice.

But he still nuzzled against her neck, savoring her scent, which reminded him of many beautiful memories he had with Madelyn.

Clearly, he loved her...

She was his first intimate woman.

He kept her at home, showered her with various gifts to please her, fought Daniel for her, and felt jealous when David, Bryson, and Nicolas were around her... Every time she cried, he felt heartbroken; every time she left him, he regretted it.

Clearly, he loved her...

Benjamin kissed her hair, his voice trembling slightly, "Madelyn, I love you!"

Madelyn's body stiffened.

Whether he loved her or not no longer mattered to her.

She didn't respond, and he closed his eyes tightly while holding her tighter. He said in a hoarse voice, "You're hurting me!"

"I'm hurting too!"

"Madelyn, I'm hurting too!"

She would always feel sorry for his pain in the past, but now she remained indifferent no matter how much he suffered!


A nurse entered with medication, feeling somewhat bewildered by the scene.

So she quickly placed the medicine tray down and left.

Benjamin looked at the two pills on the tray. They were supposed to be antidepressants Madelyn usually took, but today they were sleeping pills.

As long as Madelyn took them, she would sleep soundly for more than ten hours.

Benjamin slowly released his hold on her.

His voice trembled softly, "Madelyn, it's time for your medication."

Madelyn didn't resist taking the medicine. She knew she was sick and was willing to seek treatment. Soon, she swallowed the two pills with warm water.

Drowsiness slowly crept in...

She felt unprecedented exhaustion, as if she could sleep for a lifetime.


"Why do I feel so sleepy?"

Her body gradually went limp, and he caught her, holding her in his arms.

He placed her gently on the small bed and watched her quietly.


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