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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Everest, Just Had A Nice Sleep And Rest

The red clouds were wandering in the sky.

The setting sun fell on the black leaves and brought some weirdness to the earth, as if it were also mourning the loss of a little girl.

Madelyn's face was drowned in tears and she seemed to have lost her wits.

Was Everest really dead?

Was she really gone like that?

What should she do? Was she scared...

Mummy... What should I do?

She put the handful of fresh mud to her heart hard and bent double. Her bony bones in her back could still be seen over her clothing.

"Why... why don't you let me see her for the last time!"

Benjamin just wanted to hold her up, but he stopped his slender fingers which were poised in the air with strange gestures.

His voice was rather hoarse, "She doesn't look nice. I'm afraid you won't forget it after seeing her face."

She was in a daze as she heard that.

She closed her eyes slightly, "Benjamin, how cruel you are! She is also your child and you just treat her... treat her like that..."

She couldn't bear to describe her little girl with those words.

She put the soil which was in her arms to the packet.

And then she started to pile up the soil around. There were some sharp stones in the soil which quickly cut her hands. But she just didn't care.

She was doing that mechanically.

Mummy put some more blankets for you, Everest.

Would you be warmer?

Oh, there was not even time for mommy to love you.

Before you were born, Everest, mummy had imagined what you would be like many times. But none of my imagination was as good as you in reality.

Everest, just had a nice sleep and rest.

Mummy was here...

The world became mournful.

The last ray of light in the sky disappeared and the darkness enveloped the earth.

Benjamin bent down and held her up, "Let's go back then!"

However, as he just held her, he found that she had passed out and that she was burning abnormally all over her body...


In the ward.

Madelyn was lying quietly while Benjamin wiped her hands and body for her.

He was whispering in her ear, hoping that it could wake her up.

But she refused to do so. The doctor said that she was jarred and she refused to accept the truth subconsciously so that she just kept sleeping.

Brianna and Eloise were also there.

Eloise couldn't help crying, "Brother, will my sister-in-law never wake up again? You just shouldn't have lied to her like that at all... Oh... How sad she is!"

Brianna wiped her tears quietly.

Although her husband and she knew what Ben was doing, they didn't dare to have much hope in their hearts. After all, there was only a 5% chance.

But now... They just couldn't see the little girl.

It was Benjamin who would decide everything.

He heard the crying of both his mother and sister. He held Madelyn's hand with his eyes fixed on her face and said softly, "I will never regret it!"

Eloise was stunned.



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