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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 222

Chapter 222 I, Benjamin Clark, Will Withdraw From The Law Field Forever! 

Two days before Madelyn was discharged from the hospital. 

Benjamin had to deal with a previous lawsuit at ten o'clock in the morning. At eight o'clock, he told Eloise specifically to take care of Madelyn and asked Eloise to call him if anything happened. 

Eloise nodded, "I will take good care of my sister-in-law!" 

He glanced at Madelyn again. 

He found that she was leaning against the bed and reading a book quietly. She looked much better and her face became a bit rounder than before. 

Although he knew that she didn't care, he still said softly, "I'll come back to have lunch with you at noon!" 

Nothing replied to him but silence. 

He smiled bitterly and walked out of the ward. 

Paisley was waiting for him outside. Seeing that Benjamin came out, he asked with concern immediately, "How is Madelyn?" 

Benjamin took the document and whispered, "Better! The doctor says that she can be discharged from the hospital." 

Paisley said something to comfort him. 


As Benjamin arrived at the first floor, a dense crowd of media reporters gathered in front of the black RV, scrambling to interview him with microphones. 

"Mr. Clark, this is the first time that you have shown up in court since something happened to your wife." 

"Will it affect your performance?" 

"Are you sure about keeping your record of winning the cases?" 


Benjamin didn't say anything and just got into the back seat of the car. 

Paisley stopped the reporters and said something proper and polite before she sat in the back seat. But she scolded the unscrupulous media in her heart, "Stinkers!" 

She looked at her boss with concern, worried that he would not at his best today. 

As the confidant, she knew clearly how much Benjamin cared about his reputation! 

But on the contrary, he was rather calm! 

He told the driver with an expressionless face, "Let's go then!" 

At nine o'clock, the car stopped slowly at the gate of the Supreme Judicial Court of Gredax. Benjamin's client was already waiting, while the lawyer of the other party, with an ambitious look on his face, was also not far away. 

As Benjamin got out of the car, he was stopped by a bunch of flowers. 

Eleanor looked more delicate than a rose. She stared at him shyly. 

As she went through a marriage, she felt that Benjamin was just someone she wanted. 

She knew that his marriage had been torn to pieces. She thought that he would come back to her someday as long as she was gentle, considerate and more generous. 

Eleanor said affectionately, "Ben, I hope you will win the case today!" 

Benjamin frowned. 

He helped her with the lawsuit just for his duty, or perhaps for the end of their relationship. 

What was Eleanor doing right now? 

She looked so flirty, "When you win, let's open champagne and I will be yours!" 

The reporters burst into an uproar. 

Did she just express her love in public? 

And this Ms. Bennett seemed to be Mr. Clark's first love. Would there be a crisis in his marriage? Would Ms. Bennett really be his right girl? 

Everyone was waiting for his response. 

But Benjamin just spoke into a microphone, "I have my wife and I have no intention of cheating on her! Please don't be that cheap, Ms. Bennett!" 

And then he just walked into the court. 

Eleanor was so angry that it got her bent out of shape. And the flowers were thrown on the ground. 

The reporters were laughing at her. 

She tried her best to keep the smile on her face and said shamelessly, "Well, we are childhood sweethearts and no one can take my place in his heart! If the law is his first life, I am his second one then!" 

The reporters wrote it down hurriedly. 

Such news would no doubt cause a sensation! 

Paisley looked at Eleanor and shook her head slightly, feeling that the latter was challenging Benjamin's patience. 

The court was in session on time at ten o'clock. 

Benjamin was at his best, as he always did. 

It was basically settled at eleven o'clock. 


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