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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Meet Again After Three Years

Three years later.

Madelyn and Florence walked out of the airport.

At the exit, Nicolas, swinging his long legs, saw them coming out, immediately took off his sunglasses, and gave Florence a big hug and a fierce kiss.

Florence's face immediately turned red.

Madelyn was rather helpless.

Florence was only 19 years old. Nicolas was really a jerk!

These years, the Music Center was basically managed by Nicolas. After all, he had the genes of Tyler, and he expanded the Music Center to Esrand, and it flourished.

Over time, he tricked Florence into his grasp.

When David found out, he beat Nicolas, the rich playboy, half to death! Later, contrary to everyone's expectations, after Nicolas and Florence got together, Nicolas stopped drinking and going to bars. He was like the perfect boyfriend.

He visited Florence in Oriapool every month.


Madelyn returned to Gredax, mainly because Camila's leg injury recurred and needed to be treated and recuperated in Gredax.

She invested in a few Edofordian restaurants and occasionally played the piano there.

As a mature, beautiful and financially independent woman, she naturally had many suitors.

But Madelyn had no feelings for them...


The Everest Group.

On the 68th floor of the high-rise building, at the top floor president's office.

Benjamin sat behind the solid wood desk, reviewing documents. The light from the entire floor-to-ceiling window behind him made him look stronger, majestic and godlike.

Paisley walked in.

She looked at her boss and sighed at the favoritism of the heavens for her boss.

When a man reached the age of 33, it was a time for people to savor him. Every bit of him exuded the charm of a mature man. The women who wanted to have a fling with Mr. Clark lined up from the east of the city to the west.

Paisley put down a kraft paper bag gently.

Benjamin put down his pen, picked it up, and opened it.

Paisley cleared her throat lightly. "Madelyn is back!"

Benjamin was clearly taken aback.

He looked up at Paisley, his voice a little hoarse. "She's back?"

Paisley felt a bit of pressure. She nodded. "Yes, she's back! Because of her aunt's leg injury, she may stay in Gredax for a while."

Benjamin didn't ask any more.

He opened the kraft paper bag.

Inside was a stack of photos, all of Nicolas and Madelyn, not very intimate, but enough to make him jealous.

He knew that Nicolas went to Oriapool every month.

And he hadn't been there once in these three years.

Because of Everest, he couldn't leave, and he didn't dare to disturb her easily!

For three years, he could only ease his longing through pictures, but every time he had to see Nicolas ... and David's sister!

Paisley could see that her boss was jealous!

She quietly put down an invitation. "Mr. Wyatt and Vivian's fourth wedding anniversary dinner. I heard it's quite grand!"

Benjamin smiled faintly. "This couple!"

Paisley grinned. "Madelyn is also going!"

Benjamin suddenly felt the invitation was valuable, held it in his hand, and casually said, "You've been working with me for quite some years now. It's time for a raise! Oh, and it's your birthday next month, right? Go to the mall and pick a gift. You can expense it later!"

Paisley was overjoyed. "Thank you, Mr. Clark!"

To reward herself, she picked a 27,000 necklace! From a legal worker to becoming a profiteer, she deserved it.

Paisley left.

Benjamin walked alone to the floor-to-ceiling window, looking down.

About 10 minutes later, he shakily took out a cigarette and lit it.

After taking a hard puff, he gently closed his eyes.

"She's finally back..." he thought.


Saturday night.

Grayson and Vivian's wedding anniversary party.

Madelyn made her first appearance.

She and Vivian hadn't seen each other for a long time, and they hugged each other as soon as they met.

Vivian held Madelyn, looking at her carefully. She had recovered well, still slender and exquisite, but with a bit more maturity. She was more attractive.

Vivian's eyes filled with tears. "You naughty girl! You ran so far away!"

Madelyn smiled softly. "I won't leave for now!"

Vivian laughed through her tears. "If you run again, I'll break your legs!"

While she was speaking, Grayson came over, leading their son, Elliot, by the hand. Little Elliot was already five years old, in the middle class of kindergarten, and had grown quite strong.

Grayson asked their son to greet people.

Elliot was very obedient, and Madelyn liked him very much. She even specially brought a gift.

Vivian looked at her lovingly holding the child, quietly persuading her, "You love children so much and so many people are pursuing you, but you don't seem to have any feelings for them!"

Madelyn smiled faintly. "No good choice!"

Just as Vivian was about to say something, there was a commotion at the entrance...


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