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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Everest, Don't Scare Mom!

Benjamin returned to the villa.

This villa area was developed by the Everest Group, with top-level security and privacy. He kept one for himself.

A black Maybach slowly drove into the black carved gate, and as the car entered, all the lights in the villa lit up brightly. The music fountain began to spray water, making a joyful sound.

As soon as Benjamin parked the car and got out, a maid came over.

"Little Evie is not talking again."

Benjamin handed her his coat and walked under a sweet-scented osmanthus tree in the moonlight.

Everest was in her own world.

Benjamin squatted down next to her, looking lovingly at Everest.

Her hair was tea-colored, slightly curly, and fluffy, hanging over her shoulders.

Her small face was petite and pointed, very tender. Her pair of eyes were like black grapes, her nose was straight and delicate, and her little mouth was pursed, obviously unhappy.

Her tender little hand was pulling at the osmanthus leaves, plucking them down one by one.

Benjamin tried talking to her, but she paid him no mind.

Completely immersed in her own world!

Benjamin didn't take her back inside, just squatting beside her. At half-past ten, the little girl suddenly came out of her world and threw herself into his arms. "Today a kid said I don't have a mom!"

Benjamin took the little girl back home.

He patted her little head. "Our Everest has a mom... She's just like you, a little fairy!"

He set the little girl down at the dining table.

The maid immediately set the plates and bowls, bringing hot food. Everest was starving. She held her bowl and dug in with a spoon, eating messily.

After eating, she remembered and looked at Benjamin. "I want a mom! Other kids have one, I want one too!"

Benjamin carried Everest upstairs.

Everest insisted on running her own bath water, and after the bath, she snuggled into her dad's arms, smelling fresh.

Benjamin helped her dry her hair.

He looked quite affectionate. "Everest, if you want a mom, you have to fight for it yourself!"

Everest felt something was wrong!

If she had to find her own mom, then what did she need her dad for?

Benjamin was calm. "Dad is planning to send you to learn piano... Hmm, there are many beautiful female teachers there. Look for someone whose hair color is the same as yours and is good-looking, and choose her to be your mom! Let's make this clear in advance. Don't say your name is Everest, and don't tell anyone who your dad is!"

Everest didn't understand.

Benjamin gave her a reasonable explanation. "If they know who your dad is, they will be enamored with me, and they won't truly like Everest! For example, like Ms. Graham and Ms. Tucker before."

Everest thought her dad was right!

Before going to bed at night, the little one looked in the mirror... A woman with brown hair and as pretty as Everest was mom!


Madelyn had actually stopped teaching.

But early in the morning, Penelope in Oriapool specifically called her, saying that a friend's child asked for her special care.

Madelyn wanted to ask more.

Penelope just laughed it off. "I need to take my medication! Gotta hang up now!"

After hanging up the phone, Madelyn felt a bit confused. She thought about it and still went to the music center.

She asked at the front desk, and there was indeed such a person.

The person's identity was quite secretive, and Madelyn guessed it was the child of some important person, so she waited.

Five in the afternoon.

The receptionist came over and said with a smile, "Ms. Green, the child has arrived. You can go see them!"

Madelyn didn't pay much attention.

She put down the report in her hand and walked into the reception room.

The child was brought by a maid, surprisingly young, less than one meter tall.

Madelyn wanted to refuse because the child was too young and not suitable for learning the piano. But when the child turned around, Madelyn felt her blood freeze.

Brown hair, soft and small pretty face.

Unbelievably beautiful!

She looked like ... very like...


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