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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 233

Chapter 233 Just Introduce Him This Way: This Is My Ex-husband

Madelyn was stunned.

Benjamin spoke in a husky whisper: "I'm not saying this to win your sympathy, but to tell you that if you come back to be Everest's mother... you may be like me and have no private life!"

"So, do you still want be Everest's mother now?"


These words made Madelyn inconsolable deep down.

How could she not want to be Everest's mother?

She stared at Benjamin, her chest heaving violently. She didn't know what to say at this moment.

Benjamin reached over and gently touched her face!

He knew she was feeling uneasy but he still had to tell her this, because it would be really exhausting to raise little Everest, and he was actually afraid that she would blame him.

At that time, if he didn't go to Monatiz, maybe she was still sleeping upstairs.

Maybe Everest wouldn't be so weak when she was born!

Madelyn kept quiet for a long time, and she didn't push Benjamin away. At such times, as parents, they both needed some warmth from each other.

After a long time, Benjamin withdrew his hand and said softly, "Go upstairs! I have a meeting later and I will come back another day. You will pick up Everest in the afternoon, and I'll pick her back home later in the evening!"

Madelyn made a 'hm' voice.

Then she almost ran away, and even she herself didn't know what she was escaping from!

Was it Benjamin's tenderness, or the painful past...


Madelyn was obviously absent-minded!

When peeling fruit, She almost cut her finger.

Camila leaned on the hospital bed and smiled at her: "Put it down! If you continue like this, you will definitely cut your hands!"

Madelyn lowered her hand and called softly: "Mom!"

Camila called her over, holding her hand gently said: "I knew nothing about Everest until this year! Ben brought her to Vadiff and this little one shocked everyone. Your grandma cried for a long time, and Ben knelt on his knees all that night!"

Madelyn put her head close to Camila.

Camila stroked her hair and said in a low voice: "Your uncle said that he wishes you could have more choices instead of being with Benjamin for the sake of the child, so when the Gavin family asked him to introduce other men, he didn't refuse! I mean...You should follow your heart and do not make a decision in a rush, you two have been constantly breaking up and getting back together."

Madelyn nodded: "Mom, I will be careful!"

She didn't think about anything now, she just wanted to raise little Everest well and brought her up.

Camila smiled: "Bring the little thing to me tomorrow. I haven't seen her for a long time. I really miss her... This girl looks exactly like you when you were a child, but her temperament is exactly like Ben. She would definitely be someone when she grows up!"

When Madelyn thought of little Everest, her heart was filled up with warmth and love!

She stayed with Camila for a long time and she didn't take the car to pick up little Everest until 3:30 in the afternoon.

At the kindergarten entrance.

When little Everest saw Madelyn, She raised her white and tender face high and was extremely proud.

Madelyn took little Everest's schoolbag, squatted down and wiped her sweat, and smiled softly: "Later, mom is going to work in the restaurant, and you go and eat French food with mom, will you?"

Little Everest blinked her black and grape-like eyes.

She said in an affectedly sweet voice: "Mom, do you still have money left? Dad has a lot of money!"

Madelyn kissed her: "Mom is the owner of that restaurant and occasionally plays the piano there!"

Little Everest was immediately cheered up.

She wanted her mother to hug her and put her arms around her mother's neck.

Mom smells so nice!


Madelyn took Little Everest to the French restaurant.

Asked for a seat near the piano, she let little Everest sit and ordered her a pretty good French meal.

Little Everest usually got her food all over everything while enjoying her meals.

At this time, Madelyn cut the steak for her. Everest ate it with a small fork in a very dignified and restrained manner.

Madelyn looked at her for a while and had no choice but to admit that Benjamin's genes had a powerful influence on Everest!


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