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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 232

Chapter 232 Not in a Relationship for Three Years

Everest was quite dejected.

But with mom and dad taking her to kindergarten together, she was happy again.

Benjamin drove himself.

In the back seat, Madelyn gently buckled Everest's seat belt. She couldn't help but touch her little head, her eyes simply did not want to move away.

Everest was especially proud.

She said she was such a lovely baby that everyone loved.

On the way, she stretched out her tender little finger and told Madelyn about her friends in kindergarten.

The friend she talked about most was Edward!

Madelyn listened very seriously. This was her first time becoming a mother, and after the experience of losing and regaining her child, her whole heart was occupied by Everest. Unavoidably, she neglected her ex-husband!

With his wife and daughter in the car, Benjamin focused on driving.

Only at red lights would he look at Madelyn in the rearview mirror.

She had her hair tied up today, a loose bun on her head, her side profile gentle and beautiful when she lowered her eyes. The sight of her slender, delicate neck was particularly appealing.

Benjamin watched her attentively.

When Madelyn raised her eyes inadvertently, she met his gaze in the rearview mirror. It was clearly the gaze of a man looking at a woman.

Her face felt somewhat hot and she was a bit annoyed.

Benjamin smiled lightly, with a slight hint of ambiguity.

As the green light came on, he gently stepped on the gas. Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of a private high-end kindergarten.

Benjamin got out of the car and went around to open the back door.

He looked at Madelyn with a particularly tender gaze.

Madelyn ignored his presence and unbuckled Everest's safety belt, then took her out of the car.

Everest was especially spirited today.

She held her mother's hand, then walked to her class queue. Looking at this little one, Madelyn waved her hand to her!

Everest raised her little face, "This is my mom!"

She was not afraid that people wouldn't believe her, because her mother also had brown hair and was very fair.

You all must be jealous!

Indeed, the surrounding kids were quite envious. Everest's mom was really pretty!

Her homeroom teacher came over and took Everest's hand. Everest couldn't help but repeat, " Ms. Blake, this is my mom!"

Ms. Blake was under 40 and very loving.

She knew the thoughts of the little kids, so she gently patted the little girl's head and said, "Your mom is very pretty!"

Everest's vanity was satisfied.

She decided to eat two bowls of rice today!

This was Madelyn's first time being a parent. She was very serious!

She politely talked with Ms. Blake about Everest's situation, not even noticing when Benjamin walked to her side. Let alone his hand resting on her waist, being a bit restless!

Ms. Blake was quite surprised.

The information showed that Everest's parents were divorced, but they seemed very affectionate now!

Benjamin smiled lightly, "Everest's mom was working abroad before. In the future, Ms. Blake, you can discuss Everest's situation with her. Her phone number is..."

Madelyn was slightly startled.

Ms. Blake had already smartly noted down the phone number.

Mr. Clark was a major sponsor of this private kindergarten. If he said Everest's mom was working abroad, then she was working abroad. What he said went!

Everest, holding Ms. Blake's hand, proudly said, "My mom's name is Madelyn!"

Ms. Blake lovingly patted her little head.

Madelyn didn't want to disrupt the order, so she quickly waved goodbye to Everest. Everest, with her little backpack, walked with a swing in her step. Today was the happiest day she had since starting kindergarten.


Madelyn stood for quite a while.

Benjamin smiled lightly, "Get in the car, I'll give you a ride!"

Madelyn also wanted to talk to him, she hummed in agreement, and opened the car door.


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