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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 235

Chapter 235 It Turned Out That Benjamin Could Also Be Vulnerable! 

Madelyn was stunned. 

Then she smiled faintly and said, "Of course, it's different when we have a child! We can't argue so much like before." 

When she spoke, her expression was gentle and peaceful. 

Benjamin was fond of the way she spoke, and now Madelyn was alone with him in the middle of the night, with their child sleeping next door. 

He couldn't help but be tempted. 

He looked at her with a pure male's gaze at a female. 

Madelyn noticed his gaze. 

She calmly brought the topic back and said, "You and Everest should talk these days! It's getting late..." 

Her intention was to ask him to come back tomorrow morning to pick up the child. 

Benjamin raised his wrist and checked the time. 

He looked at Madelyn and realized that she didn't really mean to keep him overnight though he really wanted to. So he whispered, "I'm quite tired. There's an important meeting tomorrow morning! I'll sleep in the guest room and I won't disturb you!" 

Madelyn agreed. 

She took him to the guest room, but she didn't go in herself. 

Benjamin threw his coat at the end of the bed and when he turned around, he noticed that she hadn't come in. He smiled and said, "What's wrong, you're afraid of me?" 

Madelyn avoided answering him, "I'll get you some toiletries!" 

Benjamin didn't speak, just looked at her. 

When Madelyn left, he sat at the end of the bed, gently loosened his tie... 

He was upset and felt in his western-style coat, but instead of feeling the cigarettes, he found a hard small box. It was the gift he bought for her from Gartown. 

Madelyn didn't take it. 

Benjamin held the small box with a meaningful gaze. 

When Madelyn came in again, Benjamin was sitting at the end of the bed, smoking. 

With one hand supporting himself on the bed and another holding a cigarette, his delicate angular face was looking up, which made him look very manly... Seeing Madelyn come in, his black eyes squinted. "Do you have a Razor?" 

Madelyn whispered, "I don't have this!" 

He slowly exhaled a mouthful of smoke and reached out, "Give them to me!" 

Without any doubt, Madelyn handed him the toiletries, but Benjamin did not take them. Instead, he grabbed her slender wrist and gently pulled it, causing Madelyn to fall directly onto the bed. 

Then, his fiery body pressed on her... 


Madelyn was quite angry, but she didn't dare to speak too loudly for fear of disturbing little Everest next door. 

Benjamin grabbed her restless hand, clasped it with one hand and pressed it against the end of the bed, while with the other hand, he squeezed out his cigarette. Then he had some small things in his hand. 

Madelyn lay weakly on the bed, her long brown hair spreading out, and her small face turned pale. 

Benjamin let go of her hand, but he used even more force to trap her with his body. With such close contact, Madelyn did not dare to move. 

He had some things in his hand and clumsily put them on for her. 

It was the pair of pearl earrings. 

Benjamin's movements were unfamiliar, and he accidentally poked the flesh on Madelyn's ear. She bit her lip and snorted softly, "It hurts! Benjamin, what are you doing?" 

The meaning of her words was unclear, which made his gaze meaningful. 

If it weren't for his concern for her mood, he would have already complied with his own desires and taken possession of her. 

Benjamin relaxed his movements and gently put on earrings for her. 

After putting them on, he spoke hoarsely, "Remember that time at the hotel, when we finished making love, you left first. But you dropped an earring at the end of the bed, the style as these... Madelyn, you look really good wearing them!" 

Madelyn was actually quite speechless. 

Memories of past events could also be embellished by him, and he spoke it as something extremely erotic! 

Benjamin really missed her. 

Although he was impatient, he still didn't want to miss tonight's opportunity. 

He was too busy and usually didn't dare to go too far. Though she was beneath him, he dared not do it without her permission! He lowered his body and buried his face in her neck, asking, "Madelyn, haven't I won you any favor after all this time?" 

Madelyn pushed him, but couldn't push him away. 

She bit her lip lightly, then turned her face away and spoke gloomily, "Benjamin, I mean it! Indeed, you're the most eligible man, we were in a romantic relationship before, and now we have a child named Everest , but... now I just want to take good care of Everest, and I really don't want to consider anything else." 

As she spoke, her eyes were moistened and the light blue at the end of her eyebrows stood out more prominently than usual. 

It was very attractive! 

Benjamin couldn't help but caress that place, and his slender fingers touched it bit by bit. He touched it until Madelyn could hardly bear it, and her voice was as fragile as if she were burnt. "Benjamin..." 

He suddenly chuckled softly and said, "Your voice is so beautiful!" 

Madelyn took three seconds to understand his meaning and couldn't help but kick him, saying, "Let me go!" 

Surprisingly, Benjamin released her. 

He rolled over to the side, his chin tightened and his Adam's apple rolled seductively. And his voice became hoarse. "Go to sleep!" 

Madelyn immediately ran away. 

Just as her fingertips touched the doorknob, Benjamin whispered, "These years, I really miss you!" 



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