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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Madelyn, I Want To Please You!

At nine o'clock in the evening, little Everest was finally willing to come out.

She had two bowls of rice.

Madelyn was particularly willing to spoil her today. She personally took a bath for her, dried her hair, and read her bedtime stories. Knowing that Madelyn was staying overnight, little Everest fell asleep happily.

Madelyn dimmed the bedside lamp and walked out lightly.

She wanted to talk to Benjamin and took some time to find him in the study. He sat quietly in the dark space without smoking.

"Benjamin! "Madelyn called his name.

He seemed startled, then stood up and walked towards her, closing the door with one hand and saying, 'Is she asleep?'

Madelyn nodded as she was about to speak to him when she was hugged by him.

Benjamin pushed her against the door panel.

He used a bit of strength, and Madelyn's back hurt a bit from being hit. However, she noticed that he was not in the right mood, so she held back and said softly, "Let's talk!"

He let out an absent-minded hum.

Subsequently, he slowly lowered his head and buried his face in her neck... After a long time, Madelyn felt a little wet and uncomfortable.

But she didn't push him away!

At this moment, she realized that he was not invincible.

Not only did she but he pay an incalculable price for his trip to Monatiz.

Perhaps it was because of empathy, or perhaps they were raising a child together, at this moment, she was somewhat moved, and her hand gently placed behind his neck and gave him some gentle stroke.

Benjamin's body stiffened a little bit.

He raised his eyes and looked at her in the darkness, his black eyes were impenetrable.

In the dim light, they couldn't see each other clearly, but this kind of atmosphere was the best. Finally, he couldn't help but lower his head and kiss her lips.

That soft touch was very green and unripe.

After touching her lips, he breathed a little more hotly.

Madelyn's body was tightly pressed against the door behind her, and she stared at him helplessly. She was actually here to talk about Little Everest.

Benjamin touched her lips again.

The lips with the smell of tobacco pressed hers, and his kiss was heavier little by little.

He always had a strong desire!

But at this moment, he couldn't bear to do that. He kissed her carefully and cherished her, deeply and shallowly testing her, making her comfortable...

His heart was about to break free from his chest.

The long lost, asexual green urge to kiss well once again befell him.

He kissed her for a long time.

Maybe half an hour, maybe two or three hours.

He just pressed her on the door panel and used various methods to please her..

At the end.

He spoke hoarsely, "It's getting late, go take a shower and sleep, I'll get you clothes!"

Madelyn was still sticking to the door panel.

She couldn't resist this kind of warmth without coercion. Even now, her legs were still a bit weak. If it weren't for the support of his hand on her waist, she would have fallen to the ground long ago...

Benjamin gently stroked her waist and whispered, "If you want, let's do it in the master bedroom!"

Madelyn refused with finality.

She whispered, "I'll sleep with Everest, you get me the clothes!"

Benjamin turned on the light in the study with one hand and gently stroked her arm with the other: "Shower at my place! Your clothes and cloakroom are there. I'll handle some things in the study!"

Finally, Madelyn took her clothes and took a shower in the guest room.

She slept with Everest all night.


The next day, the atmosphere between them was completely different.

Benjamin treated her with a bit more gentleness and a bit more ambiguity.

Madelyn vigorously ignored it.

She got up early in the morning to cook breakfast for Little Everest and help her get up. Little Everest was in a particularly good mood and obediently stuck to Madelyn...

Benjamin spoke softly, "Handle your things by yourself!"

Madelyn was about to speak for Everest.

But he gazed at her and smiled softly, "A loving mother always fails her children!"

At this moment, Madelyn saw the shadow of Alexander on him and her heart was filled with remonstrance. It must be because Benjamin was getting older that now he could naturally give some mansplaining!

But she was not afraid of him. All her tenderness was all about to give to little Everest.

Little Everest was originally a bit afraid of her father and had already started to have her meals on her own, but now her mother was actually cutting eggs for her and even feeding her mashed potatoes!

Little Everest immediately put down her small fork.

Not only that, but she also climbed onto Madelyn's legs and wanted to sit in her arms and eat!

Benjamin gave her a faint glance.

He taught Everest with his own set of principles. He would spoil her in the cases he should, but she should learn to stand on her own.

Little Everest felt the tense and reluctantly climbed down slowly. She sat down on her own and started digging for food on her own. Even though she split her food everywhere, Benjamin didn't even frown.

Madelyn couldn't help but say, "She's still young!"

Benjamin took a sip of black coffee and whispered, "Sometimes she acts better than you!"

Madelyn stopped talking.

Benjamin looked at her expression and was afraid that she might get angry. After all, they had just shared a very intimate kiss last night and the relationship had just taken a big step forward. He didn't want to have another argument with her due to the child's education issue at this time.

He said gently, "A child needs to be accompanied and you can't do everything for her!"

He also proposed a negative textbook: "Think about Eloise and you will know what I'm talking about!"

Madelyn was stunned.

She looked at Benjamin, who probably thought of his disappointing sister and was having a gloomy face.


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