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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 256

Chapter 256 A Successful Rescue

Trembling uncontrollably, Madelyn stepped out of the car.

She knew she had to get Eleanor to the hospital, but how could she possibly explain this to others? Would she be able to escape any consequences?

Just as she wrestled with these thoughts, a warm hand tightly enveloped hers. "Madelyn, don't be afraid," a familiar voice spoke.

Madelyn's frozen body quickly turned towards the source of the voice. It was Benjamin!

The sight of him drained her of all remaining strength, leaving her trembling as she called out his name, "Ben!"

Gently squeezing her hand, Benjamin's voice was hoarse as he reassured her, "Leave it to me."

With determined strides, he made his way to Everest's side, taking out a hemostatic agent from his pocket and feeding her a pill.

Little Everest's delicate legs were smeared with blood, prompting an ache in Benjamin's heart.

He picked her up, and the young one clung to him, tears streaming down her face. "Daddy... Everest hurts."

Pressing a kiss to her forehead, Benjamin's voice was filled with raw emotion.

"Daddy will take you to the hospital."

Time was of the essence, so he handed Everest over to Madelyn. "Get in the car."

While securing Eleanor into another vehicle, Benjamin simultaneously made a phone call.

"Charles, it's me, Ben! There's been a serious incident at the entrance of Story Time Kindergarten. My wife managed to subdue the assailant, but there was a possibility of a life-threatening condition. We're taking her to the hospital temporarily... Yes, everything will be fine." After exchanging a few more words, he ended the call.

Eleanor's trembling lips uttered desperate words, "No! You wouldn't do this to me, Ben!"

Benjamin's lips curled into a thin smile, as he firmly replied, "I would!"

Without any further hesitation, he thrust Eleanor into another car.

The two black cars swiftly drove away, one leading the other.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at a prestigious private hospital.

Madelyn clung tightly to Everest, offering constant comfort to the terrified child.

Benjamin guided them to a secluded area where Eleanor remained hidden from their view.

He then approached Everest, gently ruffling her hair and assuring her, "Don't be afraid, Daddy's here."

Everest clung to Madelyn, her tear-streaked face reflecting the fear etched in her young eyes.

With a calm and gentle voice, Benjamin turned to Madelyn and instructed, "Take her to the emergency room. I'll be there soon."

And with that, he turned away and made his way toward his next course of action.

Madelyn's heart grew uneasy, and she couldn't help but call out, "Ben!"

Benjamin paused, his gaze turning back to meet hers.

With a reassuring smile, he said, "Don't be afraid! Nothing will happen."

Madelyn held onto Everest tightly, her gaze fixed on Benjamin, her trust in him unwavering.

She believed in him.

The driver led the way, with Madelyn cradling Everest in her arms as they hurried into the emergency room. The doctors had been waiting, prepared for their arrival.

After approximately 20 minutes, a nurse rushed in, clutching a bag of blood in her hand.

"Transfuse immediately, the child has clotting disorders!" she exclaimed.

Little Everest lay quietly on the small, sterile bed, his face drained of color.

The 100ml bag of blood was quickly depleted, but new bags arrived without delay.

Madelyn's heart trembled with a mix of gratitude and worry, for she knew whose blood was sustaining her child.

In total, they transfused 800ml of blood, as little Everest cried until exhaustion overtook him, causing him to drift into a troubled sleep.

Tears stained his delicate lashes, rendering him pitifully vulnerable.

Madelyn clung to his small hand, her body trembling with fear.

A soft hand landed gently on her shoulder, and when she turned, she beheld Benjamin.

Fatigue clung to his features.

He settled beside Madelyn, drawing her into a tender embrace.

She didn't even need to voice her questions before he spoke, his voice filled with reassurance.

"You called me last night, and I had a dream... a dream that Everest was in danger. Worried, I took the earliest flight back."

Pressing his forehead against hers, Benjamin murmured, "Madelyn, you did well."

She longed to say something, but he cut her off, determined.

"Leave it to me! Just know that Everest will be fine."

Madelyn refrained from further inquiries.

She leaned against his shoulder, still trembling with fear, and gently clutched his waist to anchor her frayed emotions.

They held each other tightly, finding solace in the embrace.

Eventually, Benjamin asked her to stay by Everest's side while he stepped out to smoke, needing a moment to collect himself.

As he finished his cigarette, his phone chimed in his pocket.

It was Charles, his tone grave.

"Ben, we have almost confirmed Eleanor as the deranged killer. She has taken four lives."

He paused, his voice low, "Is the killer alive?"


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