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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 257

Chapter 257 Their Reunion

Two days later, the children came to visit Everest in the hospital.

It was Madelyn who treated them.

Benjamin was also present, sitting on the sofa in the VIP ward, handling documents with ease.

Little Everest felt happy and proud, seeing her handsome dad and beautiful mom.

Before leaving, they gave Everest some gifts.

Edward gave her a lollipop, and she planned to share it with her dad.

After Everest's friends left, she fell asleep, and the ward became quiet.

Madelyn asked, "Benjamin, you arranged for Everest's friends to visit her, didn't you?"

He pulled her to sit down, saying, "Please call me Ben, sweetheart."

After a moment of hesitation, he whispered, "Yes, I arranged it! Didn't you see how happy Everest was? They are her friends!"

Madelyn couldn't argue with his reasoning.

Benjamin smiled faintly, not mentioning that he had already met Edward's father.

In the future, Edward would always be in the same school and class as Everest because he had Rh-negative blood!

Then Benjamin told her, "Last night, I had dinner with the prosecuting lawyer. He said that Eleanor committed the crimes with full awareness. Considering the severity of her actions, she could face the death penalty."

Madelyn didn't reply.

Eleanor deserved it!

Benjamin had been busy for days, and Madelyn had given him a gentle massage.

He grabbed her delicate wrist and said softly, "It's been so long, and I finally get to enjoy a little tenderness from you!"

Madelyn smiled lightly.

Her smile was serene and beautiful.

After days of tension, Benjamin finally relaxed.

At that moment, he couldn't resist the temptation.

He lowered his head and kissed her, capturing her lips with deep and gentle passion.

Madelyn resisted, knowing that they were in a hospital with people coming and going.

Her voice was broken as she whispered, "Ben, we might be seen!"

Benjamin's blood ran hot.

After all the stress he had been under, he needed to release his desires.

Intimacy between a man and a woman was the best way.

He leaned over and locked the door of the ward, leading Madelyn into a small room.

They walked and kissed, their actions becoming wilder.

Madelyn fell onto the end of the small bed.

The bed was too small, and with little Everest sleeping outside, they had to be quiet and discreet.

Madelyn bit her lip and endured.

Benjamin pressed against her neck and in a low, hoarse voice, he said, "Call me Ben, Madelyn. I want to hear you call me that!"

Madelyn's eyes were full of affection.

She was overwhelmed and bit down on his neck, continuing to whisper his name hoarsely, "Ben... Benjamin..."

When they finished, Madelyn nestled in his arms and whispered, "Just now, you didn't..."

Benjamin rested his arm under his head, lowered his head to look at her, and lightly brushed her cheek, "If you're pregnant, it would be perfect to give little Everest a brother or sister!"

Madelyn remained silent, her fingers gently tracing his body.

She was about to speak when they heard a knocking sound from outside.


Madelyn blushed slightly, and Benjamin kissed her once before getting out of bed to dress, saying, "It must be Eloise."


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