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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Madelyn, You Went to the Bad

Two days later, Everest left the hospital.

Alexander held a family banquet. He invited Kenneth as the latter came to Gredax on business, but he didn't expect Kenneth to come...

Kenneth brought toys to Emerson.

But Emerson was not drawn to Kenneth and stayed in Eloise's arms shyly.

Kenneth was disappointed...

He looked at Eloise with deep eyes and said, "Please mention me to the child more often. He's not familiar with me."

Brianna smiled lightly and said, "He will like you if you spend more time with him. Emerson is a sweet boy."

Alexander was forgiving and asked Kenneth to drink with him. Benjamin sat with them.

Kenneth was not stupid.

Alexander was tolerant. He was kind to Kenneth after Eloise gave birth to Kenneth's son. Alexander didn't do that on Madelyn's account but for the business opportunities in Vadiff.

Kenneth had a say in those projects.

He wanted to make it up to Eloise, so he said yes to everything he was asked to do. He even allowed Alexander and Benjamin to take turns to ply him with wine. Looking back, he hadn't been drunk for over ten years...

It was not surprising.

Who dared to ply Kenneth with wine?

When he went to banquets, his secretary and assistant drank for him. He didn't need to drink with the people.

Madelyn walked Kenneth to the car when he left.

After his car disappeared from sight, she went back to her car. Benjamin was waiting for her.

He stood beside the car and smoked quietly, raising his head slightly. He looked elegant and charming.

Madelyn went up to him and said wryly, "You cooperated well with Dad tonight. Kenneth drank a lot of wine."

Benjamin glanced at her and chuckled softly. "Do you pity him?"

He pinched her cheek gently and said, "Don't pity him even though he's your uncle."

Madelyn knew that Benjamin got jealous easily. He was envious of any man she cared about. Therefore, she didn't argue with him. She opened the car door and asked him to get in. "Let's go. Everest will have a sleepover here tonight. We'll pick her up tomorrow night."

Benjamin put his arms around her slender waist and muttered, "Mom and Dad did that on purpose. They wanted us to have some quiet time together. Madelyn, shall we have a baby tonight?"

Madelyn was speechless.

How could Benjamin say these words recklessly when the driver was in the car?

She whispered, "Benjamin, you're drunk."

He pushed her into the car. After that, he didn't restrain himself. He moved his big palm on her leg and lifted her ankle, rubbing her heel gently.

Madelyn's heart pounded.

She could only hear their breathing in the dark and smell his masculine aura.

She thought he was taking advantage of her.

However, after a good while, he leaned against her shoulder and asked in a low voice, "Were you frightened when you drove last time?"

Her foot was injured. It was very likely that something went wrong when she braked, and the car dashed out with her inside. Benjamin was still frightened after so many days.

Madelyn's heart softened.

She turned to Benjamin and kissed his prominent nose. "I didn't think so much at that time."

Benjamin put down her foot.

He lay on her lap and gently wrapped her waist with his arms.

Madelyn had stayed with him for several years, and she had never seen him so vulnerable. She couldn't help but reach out to trace his handsome face, and Benjamin looked up at her.

At this moment, their love was equal.

Madelyn had never been so bold. She lost control and kissed Benjamin when the driver was ahead of them.

She kissed Benjamin tenderly.

Benjamin couldn't help wrapping her neck and deepening the kiss. They kissed furtively and got excited when the driver was in the front.

It was a long, passionate kiss. Benjamin pressed his lips to hers and whispered, "Madelyn, you went to the bad."

"Do you like it or not?"

"Yes, of course."


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