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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Were You Still Angry 

Benjamin came back late. When he got home, it was around nine o'clock at night. 

Madelyn watched Everest playing piano. 

Everest wore a dress and sat upright, playing a good tune. 

Benjamin took off his coat and tossed it on the sofa casually. He went over and leaned against Madelyn, saying quietly, "She's just been out of the hospital. Why don't you let her rest for a couple of days?" 

He pitied the child, but he couldn’t bring himself to blame Madelyn. 

Madelyn gave a faint smile. "She wants to play the piano." 

She smelled alcohol on him and lowered her voice. "Did you drink?" 

Benjamin smiled quietly and stroked her back gently, saying hoarsely, "Make me some food. I didn't eat anything tonight. I only drank wine." 

Madelyn gave him a reproachful look. 

She rose to make him a plate of spaghetti. 

Benjamin put his arms around her waist when she was two steps away. He lowered his head and rubbed against her nose with his. "I was with some girls, but I didn't allow them to get near me. Madelyn, I won't do anything that upsets you." 

Madelyn blushed. 

She bit her red lips and said, "I didn't ask you." 

Benjamin looked at her with deep eyes and said, "But I wanted to tell you." 

Madelyn couldn't resist his bright eyes, which were typical of men who wanted to make love with women. She glanced at Everest and warned him to restrain himself. 

Benjamin let her go. 

He sat beside Everest and touched her curls. "Everest, why do you suddenly work so hard?" 

Everest paused. 

She crawled onto Benjamin's lap and kissed him. "Bonnie played the piano at the kindergarten today, and Edward was looking at her." 

Everest was depressed. 

Bonnie had learned piano for only a year, but she played better than Everest. 

Benjamin was amused. Everest was small, but she got jealous. 

He held Everest and put her on his lap. "Everest, if you practice harder, you'll play better than her." 

Everest blushed. 

She pressed her fair and tender fingers on the piano and swiped the keys. After a long while, she said childishly, "But I want to be a lawyer when I grow up." 

Benjamin kissed her cheek and said, "They don't clash against each other. You can be a lawyer when you grow up, but you can play the piano better now." 

His words soothed Everest. 

She clenched her fists. That was right. She didn't practice the piano on Edward's account. 

As they chatted, Madelyn finished cooking and put a plate of spaghetti on the table in the dining room. 

Benjamin stroked Everest's head and asked her to continue playing the piano. Until Everest went to take a shower at night, Madelyn had time to have a talk with Benjamin. 

They were in Everest's bedroom. Everest was taking a shower in the bathroom. 

Madelyn tidied up the room 

Benjamin sat on the sofa and watched her back, touched. 

Madelyn had come back. She looked after the family like a wife. Benjamin was pleased that she stayed with him like this. 

He said in a hoarse voice, "Don't you have anything to tell me?" 

Madelyn was holding Everest's pajamas. When she heard what he said, she turned around and lowered her voice, "I saw it. Benjamin, Everest is still young. You don't need to decide her future so early." 

Benjamin took a cigarette from his pocket. He didn't light it and toyed with it between his fingers. 

He stretched his hand toward Madelyn. 

Madelyn hesitated and sat next to him. She couldn't help but say, "Benjamin." 

Benjamin stroked her face gently and said hoarsely, "I played golf with Edward's father today and talked about a project with him. In addition, I invested 28.5 million dollars in his company." 

Madelyn objected, "Benjamin, money can't buy love." 

Benjamin gazed at her and smiled faintly. "But it can buy Everest's safety." 

Everest's special physique needed Edward badly. It didn't matter that their family backgrounds didn't match. The most important thing was that his blood had an Rh-negative trait. 

Besides, Edward was outstanding and ambitious. 

Benjamin made this decision according to his intuition. 

Madelyn knew he had made up his mind. She was not happy, but she failed to point out what was wrong. 


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