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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Behave Yourself Until You're Fully Recovered

After a few days of indulgence, things took a turn for the worse.

Benjamin caught a fever!

Madelyn was both embarrassed and mad. She refused to let him come close and forced him to rest at home.

Benjamin was restless even when he was sick, always getting handsy. Madelyn couldn't control him, and she didn't dare make a big fuss and take him to the hospital. She only called the family doctor.

On Monday, Brianna called and invited her for a coffee.

Madelyn breathed a sigh of relief.

She pushed open the study door and found Benjamin leaning against the couch and reading documents.

He wore a white sweater and gray leisure pants, exuding a lazy and homely vibe.

Madelyn walked over and touched his forehead.

Luckily, the fever had subsided.

Benjamin grabbed her hand and looked at her with a faint smile. "Going out?"

Madelyn nodded. "Mom asked me to come over!"

Benjamin's gaze returned to the documents, and he snorted lightly. "So you're just going to leave the patient at home? Mrs. Clark... you enjoy yourself and don't take responsibility?"

Madelyn spoke softly. "I'll be back early in the afternoon!"

He remained silent.

Madelyn kissed him. "Is that okay?"

Benjamin stared at her for a while before slowly saying, "Fine! I want chicken porridge for dinner!"

Madelyn agreed.

She took a car to the Clark's mansion. Only Brianna was there when she arrived, so she asked, "Where's Eloise?"

Brianna smiled and replied, "She took Emerson out to play!"

She led Madelyn upstairs and into the living room of the master bedroom.

In such a private place, Madelyn knew Brianna wanted to discuss something confidential and didn't want the household servants to overhear.

She voluntarily went to make coffee.

After brewing the coffee and placing it down, they sat close together. Brianna handed a photo to Madelyn and said, "This person is around the same age as Eloise, and he is a university teacher and has a small business. How do you think of him?"

Madelyn took the photo and examined it closely.

He looked good and had an elegant temperament...

Madelyn thought he was pretty good!

Brianna appeared worried. "Maddie, can you help me persuade Eloise? Although she agreed to the blind date, she is very negative about it! But she can't stay single forever. Her father doesn't say it out loud, but deep down, he hopes she can start a family."

Madelyn felt a surge of emotions.

She felt somewhat guilty.

Brianna could sense her feelings and patted her hand. "Her relationship with your uncle wasn't one-sided! It's just that there wasn't meant to be any fate between them!"

As she spoke, she wiped away a tear. "They have a child now. They might have considered a reunion for the kid's sake if it weren't for the unresolved conflicts!"

Madelyn comforted her for a long time...

At four o'clock in the afternoon, Eloise returned with Emerson.

Madelyn played with Emerson, and after a while, Eloise could tell why Madelyn came here. She called a servant to take Emerson to have dessert.

With the room quiet, Eloise whispered, "Maddie, mom asked you to come here, didn't she?"

Madelyn sighed softly.

She gently tapped on a photo, and Eloise stared at it for a long time...

Madelyn whispered, "If you don't want to go, I'll talk to them! And if that doesn't work, we can have your brother discuss it with them!"

She didn't want to pressure Eloise.

Because she was also a woman, she could tell that Eloise hadn't fully moved on from that past relationship, and with Emerson by her side, it wouldn't be easy for her to accept someone else!

Eloise clenched the photo and lowered her gaze.

After a while, she said in a low but firm voice, "Maddie, I'll go."


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