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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 263

Chapter 263 Wait for Me for Two Years

Kenneth got out of the car first.

He walked over to the other side and opened the door, watching her in the darkness.

Eloise's slender neck was tensed, and even a hint of veins could be seen.

Kenneth was patient.

After a while, Eloise finally stepped out of the car and ignored him as she walked ahead.

Under the dim streetlights, her slender figure was concealed in the shadow of a plane tree. It was early autumn, and the leaves were already showing signs of decay, adding a touch of desolation to the scene.

Kenneth closed the car door.

He took a few quick steps to grab her wrist and pulled her into his arms before she could react.

Perhaps it was the alluring night, or perhaps it was the emotions that were stirred up by the surroundings.

All the restraints he had promised were thrown out the window.

Beneath the tree, he kissed her, holding the back of her head with a hint of roughness, pressing her against the tree trunk... delving deep inside her to the point where she couldn't even breathe properly!

"Kenneth! Let me go!"

Eloise pounded his shoulders and struggled desperately, but she couldn't move him.

Soon, her mouth and nose were filled with the scent of tobacco.

Everywhere, there was his scent!

Kenneth looked impeccably clean, but only she knew that once he tainted her, that faint masculine fragrance would linger on her for a long time...

The rough kiss lasted for a while.

Finally, he released his grip on her.

Then, his thin and handsome face received a resounding slap, the sound echoing particularly loudly in the night.

Kenneth was handsome and charming, but almost everyone knew he had a bad temper. Women weren't much more than toys to him, and no woman dared to act spoiled or throw a tantrum with him-let alone slap him.

Only Eloise dared to do this.

After she struck him, she turned her head, and her eyes were red. "Do you have any right to kiss me?" She said. "Kenneth, what am I to you? Are you bringing me here to continue being your secret mistress?"

Kenneth pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth, probably cutting it in the process. She hit him really hard!

He gazed at her intensely. "I'm sorry. I couldn't control myself."

He hadn't had her in years and wasn't a saint. He knew he wanted her-he had never forgotten their shared passion.

Ha had not forgotten her not for a single moment.

But Kenneth had his limits. Even he knew that the kiss just now crossed a line.

He apologized and said, "Let's go upstairs. There are some documents you need to sign."

Eloise hesitated but agreed. After all, they had a child together, and given Kenneth's position, she was afraid he might try to take custody away from her.

Moments later, they entered the apartment.

Everything remained as luxurious as before, with no lack of attention to detail. The table was even set with fresh fruit-her favorite kind! Each piece was plump and juicy.

Kenneth closed the door behind them and followed her gaze. He murmured, "I had Kaleb prepare these. Over the years, he remembered everything you liked to eat."

Eloise's throat felt sweet and fishy.

She clenched her fists, telling herself no longer to be deceived by his gentle demeanor.

Kenneth was too good at winning people's hearts. Too skilled with his words, he could captivate anyone with just a few sentences.

If she hadn't been hurt so deeply, she thought she might have been tempted by him again and perhaps would have lost herself in this extravagant apartment tonight.

Unfortunately, she was no longer naive and innocent.

She spoke calmly, "I think what you want to tell me is about Emerson! Now you can speak, and after that, you can take me home! I'm not like Mr. Ryan. I agree to be in a relationship with someone, and being unclear with you disrespects that person!"

Kenneth chuckled, "Do you mind this much? Will you not marry anyone but him?"

She didn't respond.

His gaze dimmed slightly as he walked over to the sofa and knelt down, motioning for her to sit down as well. "Come here and take a look at these documents."

Eloise pursed her lips.

She sat down, and in front of her was a stack of papers. She flipped through a few pages, which seemed to be about Emerson's support.

Eloise didn't refuse.

Emerson was their child, and he was willing to provide financial support. She had no reason to reject that.

That's what Madelyn said.

Madelyn said, if you can't have the man, then get his money! For example, when she broke up with Benjamin, the checks he wrote got larger every time!

But Kenneth made things complicated.

She was a brilliant business school student, but even she found it confusing.

Kenneth gazed at her face, noticing that she had gained some weight and looked better than before.

He found it quite strange, considering that Eloise wasn't young anymore, but she had always had baby fat, probably because she was carefree and didn't think too much.

Now, her little face was wrinkled with worry.

Kenneth smiled lightly, "With your mind, you probably won't be able to figure out these things in just one night!"

He enjoyed seeing her like this!

He went to peel the fruit.

In the past, he used to rendezvous with her here. She wouldn't do anything, just call him Uncle Ryan while lying under him. He took care of everything for her, from meals to dressing and bathing. Now, even though she couldn't do much, he couldn't help but want to take care of her.

Kenneth carefully selected a few fruits, peeled them into a fruit platter, and passed it to her.

Eloise glanced at him.

He also looked at her quietly. "I didn't put any miscellaneous stuff in it!"

He actually saw her on a date tonight and ate at a high-end restaurant. But through the glass, he noticed that she ate very little, probably not to her taste.


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