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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 264

Chapter 264 We Have Another Child

Madelyn held her chest and dry heaved a few times.

Benjamin had just finished preparing the milk and immediately walked over when he heard the sound, asking anxiously, "What's wrong?"

Madelyn looked somewhat pale.

She actually had a clue in her heart and shook her head lightly at him. "It's nothing! Just feel a bit nauseous!"

Benjamin guided her to sit down on the side.

He crouched in front of her, gently patting her back and softly saying, "Don't do household chores anymore. Let the domestic helper do it, or else I'll take care of you!"

By now, they were on equal footing.

Madelyn gazed at his handsome features, feeling her heart flutter. Benjamin had calmed down and truly was a good husband.

She lightly touched his face, her voice soft. "Didn't you want another child, Ben... Perhaps next year, Everest will have a younger brother or sister!"

Benjamin froze.

Madelyn took hold of his hand, placing it gently on her abdomen. "Are you happy about it?"

With how frequently they had been intimate, having a child shouldn't be unusual, right?

After a moment, Benjamin found his voice again. His hand lightly caressed the flat area. It was still too early for any sensations since she had just conceived, but he still wanted to touch, to feel the presence of their child.

Later, he half knelt closer to her.

Madelyn was filled with a tender feeling. No woman could resist a man being close to her. He didn't say anything, but she could feel his happiness.

"Ben, serve the noodles, or they'll burn!"

Benjamin was still reluctant.

Madelyn used her delicate fingers to trace his handsome features lightly. "If it's true, don't neglect Everest!"

Benjamin chuckled.

He said, "How could I? I'll take care of you three!" With that, he lifted Madelyn and placed her on the sofa in the living room.

After setting her down, his dark eyes eagerly stared at her belly.

Madelyn patted his hand and said, "Go serve the noodles and heat up Everest's milk!"

Benjamin leaned in and kissed her, saying, "Thank you, Madelyn!"

He went to the kitchen to finish what he was doing when Eloise's car arrived.

Eloise was crying quite sadly.

Benjamin shook the bottle in his hand and asked, "Did that old man bully you again?"

Madelyn couldn't stand such talk and urged him, "Everest is probably falling asleep. Why don't you bring the milk over?"

Benjamin's gaze became deep, with a hint of meaning.

He didn't say anything else and slowly walked upstairs, taking care of the child.

Eloise complained for a while and then couldn't help but sit at the table and eat the bowl of noodles, sniffling as she ate.

Under the dim light, her little face had a pearly glow, with tiny beads of sweat on her nose.

Madelyn could understand why Uncle couldn't let her go.

Being someone in his position, he was always living in calculations. Having Eloise by his side should make him relaxed!

"Eat slowly!"

Madelyn was two years younger than Eloise, but when she looked at Eloise, she saw a child.

Eloise finished eating the noodles in one breath!

She relied heavily on Madelyn, even though Madelyn and Kenneth were family.

After Benjamin finished comforting Everest and came downstairs, he saw Eloise lying on Madelyn's legs. He walked over and tapped her head, saying, "Don't lie on Maddie's legs!"

Madelyn couldn't help but say, "It's okay!"

Benjamin's gaze became deep, and he didn't dare say anything more.

Benjamin lifted Eloise and made her sit properly. He held a bottle and sat opposite her, looking serious. He said, "If you can't let go, just make do. If you're unwilling, follow our parents' intentions and have a good date during the matchmaking process!"

Eloise lowered her eyes and remained silent.

Benjamin continued, "Dating is not against the law! Or are you afraid that he will mind and not want you if you date?"

"No!" Eloise denied it immediately.

"It better not be! Otherwise, it's just being useless!" Benjamin snorted lightly.

He walked to the kitchen to wash the bottle. He carefully cleaned Everest's milk bottle and placed it in the sterilizer.

Eloise watched with wide eyes.


At night, Madelyn tossed and turned in bed.

Benjamin turned to the side and asked softly, "You can't sleep?"

Madelyn made a sound of agreement.

He knew she was worried about Eloise, so he sighed softly. "Madelyn, don't spoil her too much! She's an adult now and should be able to handle her own affairs instead of us making decisions for her! If you always pamper her, when will she grow up?"

Madelyn felt that what he said made sense.

She gently moved into his embrace, seeking warmth from him, and softly said, "Accompany me to the hospital tomorrow. I'll feel at ease after the check-up!"

Benjamin lowered his head and kissed her.

He had already cleared his schedule with Paisley and would be with her all day tomorrow.

Early in the morning, they first dropped off Everest at the kindergarten.

When getting into the car, Benjamin considerately helped Madelyn. Everest sat in the child seat, her eyes wide open.

Madelyn sat down.

The little one's gaze fell on her belly, and she asked softly, "Mommy, are you having another baby?"

Madelyn was visibly startled.

Benjamin fastened the seatbelt for the little one and chuckled, "It wasn't me who said it! She's very smart!"


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