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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 267

Chapter 267 He Stubbornly Stayed by Her Side

Night fell.

The villa was brightly lit, the hall filled with light.

Madelyn hadn't forgotten that she was Everest's mother. She was tormented inside, but she remained gentle and patient with Everest.

Everest was frightened, leaning against her leg and asking pitifully, "When will Daddy come back?"

Madelyn caressed her face, about to speak, when the sound of a car came from the entrance. Immediately, she took Everest's hand and walked out, filled with unprecedented anxiety.

Benjamin stepped out of the car, his gaze locking with hers.

Their eyes met, and neither could look away.

After a while, Benjamin slowly approached, gently lifting Everest and giving her a kiss. But his words were meant for Madelyn: "I'm fine, don't scare Everest!"

Madelyn's eyes welled up with tears, still watching him intently.

Benjamin lightly embraced her shoulder, their foreheads touching. "I'm really fine! Madelyn, I've come back well!"

Madelyn's lips trembled.

She knew she should restrain herself but couldn't help leaning against his shoulder, silently crying. His shirt became damp, uncomfortable with the warmth.


"Madelyn!" He gently patted her as if soothing a child.


At that moment, Alexander walked over, signaling for a servant to take Everest away!

He had always cherished Madelyn, but with such an incident happening at home and Eloise being unreliable, Madelyn needed to grow up to be able to handle things for Ben!

Alexander softly said, "From now on, everything in and out of the house will rely on you!"

Benjamin couldn't bear it.

But he knew better than anyone that he had to let go even if he didn't want to!

Father was getting old and wouldn't be able to hold on forever.

Madelyn was the only hope for this family!

Benjamin couldn't bear to push her too hard and gently touched Madelyn's cheek, saying hoarsely, "Let's talk about it later!"

Madelyn, however, calmed down.

She took his hand and whispered, "Go check on Mom. She's been in the kitchen all this time. I know she's been crying secretly!"

Benjamin grunted in agreement.

He changed into a fresh set of clothes and walked into the kitchen.

Brianna stood in front of the stove, quietly wiping away her tears.

Benjamin approached her and gently pressed down on her shoulder, tenderly saying, "Mom! I'm fine, aren't I?"

Brianna was truly heartbroken.

She regretted severing ties with the Bennett family before. If they hadn't, Benjamin wouldn't have had that period with Eleanor, and things wouldn't have turned out like this...

He and Madelyn were just about to start their happy life together.

They had just had a child again!


They numbly finished the dinner.

In the end, Benjamin still let his parents go back early.

It was late at night.

Madelyn lay on the bed in the master bedroom with Everest nestled in her arms, soothing the little one to sleep.

Perhaps frightened, Everest woke up several times.

Benjamin smoked two cigarettes in the study before returning to the bedroom. As he closed the door, he whispered, "Is she asleep?"


He walked over and lay behind her with his clothes on, gently holding her slender waist.

Madelyn trembled slightly.

She closed her eyes a little and felt his warmth.

Benjamin began kissing her neck, loving her like before, but their hearts were still filled with sadness. No one knew what would happen tomorrow!

Their love couldn't continue...

Benjamin pressed against Madelyn's ear and said in a hoarse voice, "Madelyn, don't be afraid!"

Madelyn suddenly turned her body and hugged him tightly.


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