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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 268

Chapter 268 This Is Our Wedding Night

Madelyn's heart was trembling.

She used all her strength to prevent herself from crying. She walked inside as though nothing had happened.

Benjamin put the diary away.

He gently touched the drawer with his slender fingers. When he looked up, he asked with tender eyes, "Is Everest asleep?"

Madelyn placed the plate of fruit down and sat in his lap. She placed his hand on her belly and replied, "Yes, she's asleep. This little one is waiting for you."

Benjamin's hand gently massaged her belly, trying to feel the movement of their unborn child.

Unfortunately, the baby was still too little to make any noticeable movements.

Otherwise, he could at least feel the kicking of their little baby.

He leaned in closer, his nose brushing against hers. With an intimate atmosphere between them, he teased her, "Is it the baby missing me, or do you want to sleep with me tonight?"

Madelyn put her arms around his neck.

She was wearing only a thin silk nightgown. In the past, he would have enjoyed sexual pleasure, but now she was pregnant, and he had had something else on his mind.

Benjamin only kissed her tenderly.

His hands moved around her body.

Finally, he pressed his forehead against hers and said in a breathy voice, "Madelyn, wouldn't it be wonderful if this moment could be forever? It would be a happy ending."

Tears welled up in Madelyn's eyes, and she gently pressed her finger against his lips, saying, "Ben, we're not married yet! How can we call it an end?"

Benjamin looked at her with deep eyes.

He stared at her for a long while before he spoke in a husky voice, "Let's get married tomorrow. Madelyn, just the two of us. Will that be okay?"

Madelyn said yes in a hoarse voice.


Early the next morning...

Benjamin didn't go for his morning run as usual. Instead, he made a phone call to Paisley and told her to prepare some documents.

Paisley arrived in the afternoon, and a maid led her to the study on the second floor.

Paisley had mixed feelings but managed to put on a professional smile. She said, "Mr. Clark, I've prepared all the documents."

Benjamin nodded and took over the stack of documents.

It was a thick pile of papers, and they were the equity transfer agreement of Everest Group.

Benjamin planned to transfer all 65% of Everest Group's shares under his name to his wife Madelyn. It would become effective immediately upon her signature on the share transfer documents and subsequent notarization by a lawyer.

Benjamin carefully reviewed the documents.

Then he handed them over to Madelyn and said softly, "While the Clark Group is likely to be passed on to our children in the future, Everest Group is my gift to you. I'll involve professional managers in its operations, and Paisley will assist too...Madelyn, you can run the company by yourself!"

He probably couldn't be with her till the end.

And providing her with financial security was a husband's obligation.

Moreover, with these assets...

Madelyn wouldn't have to feel inferior after he lost his memory. If he ever broke her heart, she could make him penniless after divorce...

Madelyn said with trembling lips, "Aren't we planning to get married? Benjamin, I don't want anything except you!"

However, there were some things he needed to tell her.

Benjamin gently stroked her head and said with a gentle smile, "So, that's your dowry!"

He was worried that he might treat her bad in the future.

That was why, while he was still in his right mind...

He'd given her everything he had!

Though they were planning to get married, Madelyn felt so sad and couldn't help crying!

Paisley quietly left the room.

Outside the door, she couldn't help but shed tears for Mr. Clark and Madelyn.

In the study...

Madelyn stood by the floor-to-ceiling window and was still reluctant to sign the papers.

Benjamin knew what she was thinking. He walked over, hugged her from behind, and rested his chin on her shoulder. He said in a low voice, "Don't cry. Everything will be okay."

Madelyn couldn't hold back her tears; she was still grieving.

Benjamin gently wiped away her tears as he joked in whispers, "Silly girl! Now that you're Ms. Green of Everest Group, I can see you wherever I go! Madelyn, do you think I can runaway from you?"

Madelyn turned in his arms and nestled herself in his embrace.

His shirt was dampened by her tears...


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