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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 271

Chapter 271 He Feels the Baby Move for the First Time!

The night began to fall.

A black SUV slowly drove into the villa and pulled over. The driver opened the door for Madelyn.

A servant approached her and said, "Mr. Clark is in the study."

Madelyn nodded and made her way up to the second floor. She pushed open the study door...

Benjamin sat behind the desk, and the dim light cast shadows shadows upon his profile. He looked handsome and charming. On the computer in front of him, a video was played. It was about Madelyn's press conference.

He had been watching it repeatedly throughout the afternoon.

Next to his hand lay the diary.

As Madelyn entered, he raised his eyes and stared at her. She was still dressed in the same white outfit, looking confident and elegant.

Benjamin extended his hand toward her.

She moved closer and leaned gently against him without saying a word.

He removed the scrunchie from her hair and took off her high heels.

Burying his face in her hair, he asked in a hoarse voice, "Are you tired?"

Tears welled up in Madelyn's eyes.

She shook her head and hugged him quietly for a long while. Finally, she whispered, "Ben, just go to the rehabilitation center."

Benjamin's body tensed.

Madelyn kissed his neck and murmured, "It'll be easier for you there. You won't have to constantly force yourself to remember me or Everest, and you won't have to endure as much pain!... Ben, when you remember us, just give us a call, and Everest and I will come to see you!"

Her voice quivered.

Because she knew that the days when he could remember her were numbered!

Benjamin was agonized and closed his eyes.

Madelyn sobbed as she spoke, "Benjamin, take this opportunity while I haven't changed my mind..."

She stood up suddenly, pushed him to the back of the chair, and then took off his belt...

Benjamin said in a hoarse voice, "Madelyn!"

Madelyn kissed him.

She knew what he liked best.

Things that she was unwilling to do before, she would do for him now. She wanted him to remember how he felt at this moment.

She wanted to leave marks on his body. She wanted him to remember the ecstasy of this moment even if he forgot her...

It was love to the deepest.

Benjamin's fingers grasped the armrest tightly. He lowered his head and stared at the woman in his arms with wet eyes. He couldn't help but pull her over for a kiss and said, "That's enough, Madelyn...that's enough..."

She said in a trembling voice, "Benjamin, you are mine, and all of you are mine!"


Benjamin moved into the high-end rehabilitation center.

He took the diary with him.

At first, the doctors had given him a bracelet, which was a tracking device.

But Madelyn had taken it off, for she wanted to free him from his restraints. Benjamin wouldn't get lost; the worst-case scenario was that he forgot to return home.

Occasionally, he would remember her.

He might miss her once a week, ten days, or even half a month...

He would call her, say sweet things to her, and tell her that he was eager to meet her.

No matter how busy Madelyn was, she would bring Everest along!

Everest was a good girl and seemed to grasp the meaning of Daddy going on business trips. She never cried. When her dad could remember her, she would cheer him up.

Each time, she brought fairy tale books with her.

She would sit in her dad's lap and ask him to read them to her!

When Benjamin read the fourth book, he could barely recall them now. He held on until he could feel the first movements of their baby in her belly, which was so powerful and filled him with awe and devotion. This was the little life he and Madelyn had created together, and now it was starting to move.

Benjamin cherished this feeling.

He lay in Madelyn's embrace, listening to those rhythmic beats.

Eventually, he fell asleep...

Madelyn covered her mouth, unable to hold back her tears. She knew that Benjamin could hold on until now with the help of that diary...

Late at night, she returned home.

Madelyn smiled as she thought about their next meeting.

A servant walked up to her and said, "Mrs. Clark, there's a package for you."

Madelyn took it and glanced at it casually. But she was in shock.


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