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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Ben, I Think I Should Set You Free 

With her hair down, Madelyn hurried downstairs! 

She looked everywhere for him in the villa, including the basement, but there was no sign of him. 

Where had Benjamin gone? 

Just when Madelyn felt utterly lost and distressed, a tall figure walked in from outside, with his back to the light. She couldn’t see his face clearly. Nevertheless, Madelyn knew it was him. 

"Ben!" She threw herself into his arms. 

Benjamin held her close with one arm and gently nuzzled her neck, asking, "What's wrong?" 

Madelyn buried her face in his chest and replied, "Ben, I was so scared! I feared that if you left, you'd never come back!" 

"Silly girl, that could never happen." 

"Don't cry; it breaks my heart to see you crying." 

He guided her to sit down and placed a bag of breakfast on the table. 

Madelyn felt somewhat surprised. Had he gone to buy breakfast? 

Benjamin lightly stroked her cool cheek and said with a gentle smile, "You haven't had much of an appetite lately. The bread pudding used to be your favorite for breakfast. Go and have some." 

He served the pudding for Madelyn. 

She scooped up a spoon and put it in her mouth. 

It tasted salty. 

Just like the taste of tears! 

Benjamin sat beside her and watched her eat. 

After she ate half of the bread pudding, he said, "Madelyn, I've contacted a high-end rehabilitation hospital with excellent facilities. I want to go there for treatment." 

The spoon in Madelyn's hand fell to the table... 

Benjamin wanted to pick it up for her, but she was a step ahead. She quickly picked up the spoon and wiped it with a tissue. 

Benjamin gazed at her quietly. 

He knew she couldn't accept this, but it was the best choice. 

He was gradually forgetting, and the time he could remember her and Everest each day was not much now. When he completely forgot about them, he wouldn't have any feelings for them anymore! 

Their interactions would become horrible! 

Everest had autism, and he couldn't risk frightening her. 

He gently explained and comforted her, "Madelyn, perhaps through treatment, I can recover my lost memories." 

Madelyn's lips were quivering... 

She knew deep down that if the situation weren't so hopeless, he wouldn't have made this choice. 

Because Everest was everything to him! 

Madelyn had been crying. Benjamin couldn't bear to hear her sobbing any longer and held her in his arms. He said, "Please don't cry. When you cry, the baby inside you cries too." 

Madelyn clutched his shirt tightly when she was in his arms! 


In the afternoon, Benjamin locked himself away once more. 

Madelyn stood at the entrance to the basement, her fingers touching the heavy door. 

She didn't dare to go in. 

She feared seeing him looking at her as if she was a stranger to him or him reading the diary again and again, just to spend a bit more time with her. 

She knew that Benjamin was in a lot of pain. 

He often suffered from migraines. 

Was it only when he forgot her that he wouldn’t feel any pain anymore? 

Quietly, Madelyn left. She asked the driver to get the car ready. 

The servant asked carefully, "Do I need to deliver some food to Mr. Clark?"When Madelyn was about to get on the car, she heard such a question and replied with lowered eyes. "The food is adequate inside. Just leave him alone."She thought that someone as proud as Benjamin would never want others to see him like this! 

After saying that, Madelyn got into the car, and the driver asked, "Mrs. Clark, where are you going?" 

"SouthHill Sanatorium." 

The driver didn't say anything else and just drove silently. These employees who had worked for the Clark family for many years kept their mouths shut, and they all felt sad for Benjamin and Madelyn. 

Half an hour later, the car pulled into SouthHill Sanatorium. Madelyn met with the renowned doctor. 

When she came back and sat in the car, she couldn’t stop sobbing. 

She kept thinking about the doctor's words... 


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