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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 283

Chapter 283 I Have No Contact With Her!

Madelyn gently pulled down her coat with the corners of her mouth curved up slightly.

"Oh! How I treat my husband has nothing to do with you, Ms. Lorne."

Charlotte bit her lip, pretending to be pure. "You are his wife, and you shouldn't always show your face in public to embarrass him!"

Madelyn sneered, "Why? Did my husband complain to you? Did he tell you that he has a hard and unhappy life with a wife like me?"

Charlotte wanted to speak.

But Madelyn said coldly, "Before you lie, think about the consequences!"

She took two steps forward and looked at Charlotte. "You finally have a good life... If I were you, I would cherish my current life, instead of always fantasizing about using this face to seduce someone else's husband!"

Charlotte asked with her lips trembling, "You investigated me?"

Madelyn patted her coat. With her power now, it was easy for her to deal with such a girl.

But she didn't go too far because of Benjamin.

Charlotte was embarrassed and said, "Mrs. Clark, you are too bossy!"

Then she added, "Mr. Clark won't like a woman like you!"

Madelyn smiled lightly and said, "Then what kind of woman do you think he'd like? A woman who cheats and sleeps with others, or a playgirl who sleeps around at a young age and cheats some money to smoke and drink?"

Madelyn knew Benjamin.

When he was young, he liked a spitfire like Eleanor.

When he matured, he liked well-behaved women, especially those who were obedient to him meekly in bed. Of course, he didn't mind the occasional stimulation.

He had always set the bar too high!

Madelyn's smile faded. "Ms. Lorne, I will give you one last chance! You will never ever show up in front of me and my family, including Benjamin! My patience is limited!"

After speaking, Madelyn motioned to Henry to open the car door.

Henry was very cooperative and bent over to open the car door. His humble behavior made Madelyn annoyed and amused, and she glared at Henry...

Those bodyguards also got into other cars.

Several high-end RVs left one after another.

Only Charlotte was dressed thinly, standing in the night, trembling.

She felt she miscalculated.

She had originally thought that a man like Benjamin would be easily tempted by a young girl and then sleep with her.

But it was hard to even meet him, let alone to sleep with him!

Therefore, Charlotte could only find Madelyn.

Charlotte thought, "Madelyn is smarter than I thought. She didn't deal with me no matter how I provoked her. If she didn't do so, how can I pretend to be pitiful? How can I make Mr. Clark sympathize with me?"


Madelyn got in the car and never spoke.

She was a little disgusted by Charlotte's behavior!

Henry said in front, "With Ben's appearance and character, it's normal for a woman to seduce him on her own initiative, but this girl really can't read social cues!"

Madelyn turned her face away and said softly, "She is Eleanor's sister!"

She thought, "These two sisters really have the same good genes!"

Henry suddenly lost for words and then said after a while, "That's so bad! Then Ben..."

Madelyn's heart was overflowing with bitterness.

She whispered, "Even if he knows that Eleanor has hurt us, it's useless. He hasn't experienced it personally, so he can't understand it!"

She thought, "That's why he easily helped Charlotte."

Madelyn was in a bad mood and didn't say anything more!

Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of the Clarks' mansion. Madelyn got out of the car and saw someone standing outside.

It was Benjamin.

Madelyn gently closed her coat and whispered, "You're back from a business trip?"

They hadn't seen each other for a week!

Benjamin gave a faint positive answer.

He smelled the faint scent of red wine mixed with the smell of perfume on Madelyn's body, which formed a unique fragrance.

With such a fragrance, she was very attractive.

Madelyn was like a ripe peach to Benjamin, very tempting.

However, her face was a little pale, and he couldn't help but care. "If you are not good at drinking wine, just don't drink. In your status, you don't have to socialize!"

Madelyn smiled and closed the car door.

Henry got out of the car, yelling, "Mrs. Clark is very happy to socialize. But when she came back, she ran into an inexplicable person, which made her unhappy!"

Madelyn held her forehead and pretended to be displeased. "Stop talking!"

She was about to leave.

Benjamin grabbed her hand and asked, "What's the matter?"

"It's nothing. It's just an irrelevant person!"


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