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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 284

Chapter 284 You've Given Me the Cold Shoulder for a Long!

Late at night.

The two slowly went upstairs.

As soon as they entered the master bedroom, Benjamin closed the door and pulled Madelyn into his arms.

Her face lightly hit his shoulder.

She rubbed against his shirt with her cheek, smelling a touch of the smell of tobacco on his body.

Madelyn knew what Benjamin wanted to do.

She had to admit that she missed the smell.

But she thought now was not a good chance, and she was not in the mood, so she asked in a low voice, "What do you want to say?"

Benjamin looked down at her.

He thought Madelyn was quite gentle at this moment.

He explained, "She is just a little girl, and I can't possibly like her! Don't be angry, okay"

Madelyn leaned on his shoulder and said softly, "She cares about you!"

Madelyn didn't quarrel with Benjamin and just wanted him to solve it by himself to give her a satisfactory result.

She thought, "He is not stupid, and he should understand what I mean!"

Sure enough, Benjamin paused and stroked her face. "She's just an irrelevant person! Madelyn, I think you know clearly who I really care about! After the New Year's Eve, we can move back to the villa. Isn't it good to be like that before?"

Benjamin spoke fondly, probably also with all his patience.

But Madelyn couldn't help but be disappointed.

Her body cooled down gradually, even if the bedroom was fully heated.

Madelyn said tiredly, "Benjamin, you still don't understand!"

She pushed Benjamin away and walked towards the door. When she held the doorknob, she continued indifferently, "I will sleep with the children! Good night!"

Benjamin stopped her. "Madelyn!"

Madelyn lowered her eyes, still opened the door, and disappeared in the doorway.


Benjamin stood for a while before slowly sitting on the sofa in the bedroom. In fact, he had a lot of business to deal with, but he could hardly bring himself to go into the affairs. He just wanted to hold Madelyn to the bed...

He thought, "Maybe this is the inferior nature of men.

After tasting the honey, it's hard to quit.

After all, I rejected the marriage very much at first, but after having sex with her, I actually started to enjoy this kind of family life a bit and even felt that it seemed good to have a wife and children...

It is difficult to understand her ideas.

I'm not interested in Charlotte at all, and what I did was just a lift of the finger!

Maybe I have some sympathy for her.

But that's all!"

In the end, Benjamin read the documents for two hours before taking a shower and sleeping.

When he fell asleep in a daze, he felt that there was a little furry thing in the bed. He pulled it and found Everest in his arms with her cold feet pressing against his lower abdomen. She said, "Dad, warm my little feet!"

Benjamin lay flat on his back, reaching out to turn on a bedside lamp.

Everest put her arms around his neck.

Her shaggy curly hair hung over his face like a squirrel's tail. Her fair and tender face was close to his skin, and the breath she exhaled was also sweet.

Benjamin touched her fleshy waist and couldn't help but keep looking at her.

He thought, "She really resembles Madelyn! But she's 100 times more cute than Madelyn!"


Early in the morning, Madelyn came back to the bedroom to change clothes.

She opened the door and saw little Everest leaning against Benjamin sleeping sweetly.

That picture was very similar to the past...

Madelyn couldn't help but miss it.

She walked to the bedside and sat down slowly, looking at the sleeping man. There was no quarrel at this time or no trouble with his memory loss, let alone worrying about whether he loved her...

She felt she seemed to go back in time, so she couldn't help but murmured softly, "Ben!"

When Benjamin woke up, he saw the tenderness in Madelyn's eyes that had not disappeared.

Madelyn seemed startled and wanted to run away.

But Benjamin wouldn't let go of such an opportunity.

He quickly grabbed Madelyn's hand, pulled her towards him, and said in a low voice, "Madelyn, you haven't called me Ben for a long time!"

Madelyn was forced to lie prone on his chest, and the sleeping Everest was just next to her.

Madelyn struggled slightly and whispered, "Everest will be woken up!"

Benjamin stared at her.

After a moment, he carried Everest aside. Then he couldn't wait to turn over, pressed Madelyn under his body, and kissed her with abandon...

Madelyn beat his chest and said, "Benjamin, are you crazy?"

Benjamin stopped and raised his chin slightly, his eyes full of lust.

He pinched Madelyn's chin gently, leaned over, and took a bite.

He said, "You are my wife, and what's wrong with having sex with me once? If you don't want to do it with me, and who do you want to do it with? I don't believe you don't have physical desires!

"I wanted to take my time, but you didn't give me an opportunity!

"Then let's make love directly, huh? Anyway, we've been married for a few years, and you should be familiar with this kind of thing!"


Benjamin was so awful, and Madelyn was so angry that she kicked him!

She thought, "What a bastard! Everest is still here. How dare he do this!"

Madelyn struggled while saying in a muffled voice, "Let me go. I don't want to make love with you!"

Without hesitation, Benjamin began to caress her all over with his slender fingers, staring down at her charming appearance. "But I want! I've been wanting you for nights!"

Since the child was a month old, Madelyn had given Benjamin the cold shoulder until now.

Now, he just couldn't wait to fuck her...

When Madelyn was about to wake Everest up, there was a knock on the door, and then a servant's voice came. "Mr. Clark, there is a young lady coming to give you a New Year gift. Would you like to meet her?"

Benjamin's body froze a little.

He stared deeply at the woman in his arms and replied in a husky voice, "Let her wait a minute!"


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