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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 294

Chapter 294 You Are Still My Wife

The sunshine was weak in the morning.

Madelyn's face was pale when she calmly said, "Sign it!"

Benjamin stared at her.

After a long time, he gently closed the door, slowly walked over, picked up the agreement, and whispered, "Madelyn, what happened yesterday is an accident. I promise she will never appear in front of Everest again!"

Madelyn sneered. She didn't want to hear his promises anymore but wanted to protect her children.

So, she calmly said, "Sign it. We will move out when Everest's mood gets better."

Madelyn was sad. When she had moved here, she had had some hope. She had thought he could feel the warmth of family here. But maybe she had been wrong since the beginning. She should have given up when he had left his family to rescue Charlotte.

Benjamin stared at her. Seeing the tears in her eyes, he threw the agreement on the coffee table and went into the walk-in closet to change clothes. But he couldn't find suitable clothes after a long time!

Finally, he stood inside and said, "Madelyn, do you think I have no feelings for you? I would not have moved back with you if I had not liked you!"

He refused to divorce and asked, "Don't you love me?"

Madelyn calmly replied, "I'm too tired to love you! I want to live a stable life now!"

Benjamin had put on a shirt. But he suddenly took it off, threw it aside, and put on another one. After repeating it several times, he finally came out, looked at her, and softly said, "I do not agree to divorce!"

Madelyn lowered her eyes and smiled, "I will find another way! If you don't sign, you can't blame me for harming your woman!"

Benjamin sneered, "My woman is you instead of her!"

She scoffed, thinking his joke was not funny at all.

She stood up, slammed the door shut, and left without looking back.

Before Benjamin left home, he went to see Francis. Seeing a servant feeding him milk, he couldn't help asking, "Isn't Francis breastfed?"

Madelyn's breasts were plump and produced more milk than Francis could finish.

The servant worriedly said, "Mrs. Clark stopped producing milk last night. I don't know the reason!"

Benjamin was startled. Madelyn had given birth to Francis less than three months ago. Why had she suddenly stopped producing milk?

He hugged Francis in silence and decided to talk with her about their marriage and two children in the evening.


When the trial ended at eleven, Benjamin walked out of the court and saw a girl standing in front of his car. She was covered in blood, and her exposed skin was bruised. Someone had hit her.

Charlotte's lips trembled when she said, "Mr. Clark, please help me! Please let Mrs. Clark spare my life! I just wanted to spend time with Everest yesterday. I didn't mean it. I didn't know she was sick!"

Benjamin opened the car door and threw his briefcase in.

When he turned to look at her again, he lit a cigarette and said, "Why did you go to the kindergarten to see my daughter?"

Charlotte shivered before she whispered, "When you sent me home that night, you had feelings for me, right? You like my face! I look like my sister."

Benjamin slowly blew out a smoke ring, narrowed his eyes, and coldly said, "Your face evoked some memories, but those memories are not pleasant! Why do you think you can disturb Everest?"

Benjamin was not sympathetic to her, although she had been hit.

He was not promiscuous and had a sense of decency when getting along with women.

When she had approached him in the car, he had calmly refused! She would have known there was no possibility between them if she had been sensible.

Charlotte's face became paler, and her injured body trembled. Now, she was at the end of her rope.

She had been expelled from school again, and her landlord would sell the apartment. She would soon become homeless. She told him about her hardships and hoped he would feel sorry for her.

Benjamin dusted ashes off his cigarette and coldly said, "If you are willing to leave Gredax, contact Paisley. You will get thirty thousand dollars!"

Charlotte's face was as pale as ash. It was not the result she wanted. She wanted to become his mistress and then his wife!

She bit her lower lip and said with tears in her eyes, "Mr. Clark, I did not approach you for money! You're my brother-in-law. I like you. Don't you have feelings for me?"


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