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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 295

Chapter 295 Signing the Divorce Agreement

After a long time, Benjamin hoarsely said, "I'll buy them!"

It was improper for a woman to buy such things alone!

Since he had offered to run errands, Madelyn didn't refuse. Besides, he had f*cked her so hard that she felt weak in her legs.

When he returned with the pills half an hour later, Madelyn was in the bedroom. She opened the bottle and swallowed the capsules with warm water. And she felt uncomfortable when eating.

After taking the pills, she turned to look at him and said, "Please get out!"

Men would become more easygoing after satisfying sex. So, he did not get angry when she chased him away. Instead, he sat beside her and hoarsely said, "You are squeamish when taking pills. But you did not get hurt when having sex."

Madelyn lowered her eyes and whispered, "Benjamin, it's boring!"

He knew she minded Charlotte's matter, so he whispered, "I did not help her anymore!"

"Really? Can you explain why you offered to give her thirty thousand dollars?"


He had not expected her to know about it and immediately guessed Paisley had told her.

He gently stroked her coffee-colored hair and hoarsely said, "Madelyn, you need to leave some leeway when doing things! I have no feelings for her. Can you believe me?"

Madelyn sneered. Even if they had had sex, they still parted on bad terms.

Benjamin refused to divorce and became attentive to his wife and children.

He knew Madelyn had found a house and was waiting for him to sign the divorce agreement. But he had had no chance to get close to her for half a month. When Madelyn returned home, she always slept with Everest.

Everest continued to see the psychiatrist, and Madelyn treated him even more coldly.

Half a month later, Benjamin closed the document in Bravo Legal Firm and said, "Paisley, book two air tickets to Esrand. I will be on a business trip for a week."

Paisley nodded, "Yes, Mr. Clark!"

When she was about to leave, he stopped her and weighed his words before saying, "You have a good relationship with Madelyn. Can you help me persuade her?"

Paisley fell into an embarrassing position. When the big shots fought, she was implicated!

Seeing her embarrassment, he coldly said, "You can get out!"

After she gently closed the door, he leaned back in the chair and slightly turned, thinking about Madelyn. Everything was out of order! He had never wanted a marriage or a wife. He had asked her to sign a separation agreement when he returned. But now, he did not want to let her go. He became a little self-loathing!

Suddenly, his phone on the table rang. When he casually looked at it, he found it was Madelyn calling. He immediately picked it up. And his Adam's apple rolled before he asked, "What's up?"

Madelyn was not as cold as usual. She gently said, "If you have time, let's have coffee together!"

Coffee? The invitation was tempting.

Benjamin gently turned the leather seat and hoarsely asked, "Are you going to discuss the divorce again?"


He stood up, picked up the car keys, and said, "Where are you? I'll pick you up!"

Madelyn sent him the address.

Half an hour later, Benjamin's car stopped in front of a five-star hotel. Madelyn was sitting in the coffee shop on the first floor. The glass walls gave it a good view.

He pushed the door open, sat opposite her, and looked at her beige woolen dress. It looked warm, soft, and feminine, so he liked it and said, "It's pretty!"

Then, he added, "We haven't never dated yet!"

He had neglected his duty. But Madelyn didn't care.

She was not as indifferent as usual and ordered his favorite black coffee for him and a dessert for herself.

Benjamin looked deeply at her.

He liked her softness, so he yelled out love words, saying, "I'm going to Esrand on a business trip for a week. Can you and Everest go with me? I'll accompany you in the evening."

Madelyn calmly smiled, "Let's talk about it later!"

When he was about to convince her, he suddenly saw two acquaintances from the corner of his eye.

It was Charlotte and Jackson!

Wearing casual clothes and sunglasses, Jackson walked out of the hotel elevator with Charlotte in his arms. They must have had sex just now because there was a blush on her face. Then, Jackson stuffed the thousand dollars in her hands and made another appointment.


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