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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 296

Chapter 296 Diary

When Paisley sent the agreement late at night, Benjamin and Madelyn sat in the study room.

He decisively and readily signed it.

When it was Madelyn's turn, she held the agreement and looked at it for a long time before leaning over to sign her name with tears in her eyes.

Benjamin leaned back on the sofa, looked at her for a few seconds, and said mockingly, "Isn't it what you want?"

He felt happy because he finally made her uncomfortable.

Madelyn was in a bad mood. She was different from him. He did not love her, so the divorce could not hurt him. But she had divorced him without losing her memories.

From now on, they would be like strangers.

Madelyn gently put down her pen, stood up, and whispered, "I will move out with the kids tomorrow morning!"

Benjamin was startled because he had not expected them to move out so soon.

Madelyn fell silent. She held the doorknob, gently opened the door, and went out. Then, the door lightly closed.

When Benjamin stared at the door, his happiness slowly disappeared.


People from the moving company began to work early in the morning. When Benjamin tied his tie and went downstairs, he saw many people coming in and out.

Madelyn was in the living room.

She calmly said, "I'll have the things in the villa moved away in a few days. And I want the piano."

Seeing her so calm, Benjamin lumped in his throat and said, "Whatever!"

Madelyn nodded and got in Henry's car.

Benjamin did not go to the office. He waited until the people from the moving company moved all Madelyn's things away. Then, he slowly walked to the second floor.

It was empty. In the newly renovated bedroom, all the things belonging to Madelyn had been moved out.

He slowly sat on the bed and felt a little irritable. So, he lit a cigarette and quietly smoked it. He thought Madelyn was cruel because she had left without hesitation.

Suddenly, an old servant knocked on the door and cautiously said, "Sir, the moving company left a small box of Mrs. Clark. The box looks expensive, so the things inside must be important!"

Benjamin stretched his hand and said, "Let me look!"

After the servant handed him the box, Benjamin held the cigarette in one hand and touched it with the other.

He could tell the thing was specially kept in the box and thought it must be Madelyn's treasure. Maybe it was some jewelry worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

Then, he casually opened it. Unexpectedly, there was no jewelry but an old diary and a small voice recorder.

He frowned, wondering why she regarded things as treasures.

After he gently opened the diary, his blood froze. It was his handwriting. And the content was his love for Madelyn.

"I love Madelyn!"

"She likes to play the piano and wear XX brand's clothes!"

"I give her roses every day."


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