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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 306

Chapter 306 Benjamin's Cunning Move

The lighting was dim.

Benjamin's face was obscured, his impulsiveness getting the better of him just now. He would have taken her by now if it weren't for Madelyn's intervention.

But what could he do after taking her body?

At most, it would be physical satisfaction.

That was not enough!

He felt that he wanted more than that!

Madelyn's fingers trembled as she fastened her buttons.

Without looking back, she headed upstairs, stumbling slightly along the way.

Benjamin didn't stop her.

He didn't go upstairs to check on the children; his mind was in turmoil.

When he sat in the car, he lit a cigarette.

A few days ago, he had already decided to give up. Just as Madelyn had suggested, separation may be best for both of them.

But a little boy had broken his defences.

He felt uncomfortable about it.

He dared not imagine what would happen if he really let go of her. Would Madelyn indulge in relationships with those persistent younger boys?

Benjamin sat in the car, slowly smoking.

The smoke rose, filling the car and blurring his face.

He smoked four or five cigarettes before gently pressing the accelerator and leaving the villa. The bodyguards at the villa entrance saw him, and their expressions were somewhat uneasy.

Late at night, Benjamin returned to the Clarks' mansion.

Alexander was still awake, clearly waiting for him.

Benjamin walked in and sat on the sofa, letting out a long sigh.

Alexander glanced at him and said unkindly, "Don't you have a place to stay? Do you have to live with us old folks?"

Benjamin narrowed his eyes slightly. "Isn't Eloise living here too?"

Alexander sneered. "Can your sister be in the same situation as you?"

Benjamin smiled.

His father looked at him and reluctantly said after a while, "Ever since you divorced Madelyn, your mother has been crying a lot. You tell me, how useless are you?"

Benjamin squinted his eyes.

He was momentarily lost in thought before asking softly, "Dad, do you also hope that we reconcile?"

Alexander coughed lightly.

His voice was slow and leisurely, "That's not what I mean! It doesn't make much difference whether you two reconcile or not. Your mother and I were wondering if you could move out. In this case, maybe Madelyn would be willing to move back home."

Then, they would have grandchildren to take care of!

Benjamin couldn't help but laugh and cry. "Dad, how could Madelyn possibly move back?"

Alexander glared at him.

After a while, he got up and walked towards the stairs, shaking his head as he walked. "It's better for you to forget everything and not come back home!"

Benjamin leaned back on the sofa.

The light was too bright; it felt dazzling, and he covered his eyes.

When alone, he couldn't help but think about what happened earlier.

He and Madelyn were mature adults at a young age with passionate desires. It wasn't comfortable to stop halfway.

He really wanted her!

But he couldn't explain clearly what exactly was so good about her.

He wanted to possess this person!

Eloise slowly descended the stairs, holding her phone in her hand.

She wanted to make a call in the yard. Kenneth had called, and she didn't dare answer the call upstairs for fear of her parents overhearing, so she went downstairs and ran into Benjamin unexpectedly.

Eloise hung up the phone.

Sitting beside Benjamin, she anxiously asked, "Are you still thinking about Madelyn?"


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