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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Have You Regained Your Memories

Benjamin gripped the steering wheel with one hand.

With the phone pressed against his ear, he heard Madelyn's voice on the other end. "Benjamin, did you go to my mother's place?"

"Yes," he replied.

Surprisingly, his tone was gentle, without a trace of the aggression he had shown the night before.

After hesitating for a moment, Madelyn decided to clarify things. "We're divorced now, so please don't bother my mother."

Benjamin chuckled lightly.

He asked in return, "What? Am I not allowed to visit my former mother-in-law after the divorce? I think she is happy to see me."

Being faced with his insolence, Madelyn couldn't do anything about it.

After a pause, she spoke softly, "Fine! If it makes you happy!"

She was about to hang up the phone when Benjamin hurriedly said, "I'm sorry for last night!"

Madelyn remained silent.

Benjamin's voice became even softer and gentler. "I just saw that morningdew piano and got a bit carried away. After all, we used to be intimate on it, right?"

Madelyn's body trembled.

He mentioned the past.

As Benjamin listened to the rapid breathing on the other end of the phone, he couldn't help but chuckle softly. "Forgot that Christmas Eve?"

Madelyn tightly grasped the tip of her phone, her fingertips turning white from the force.

Suddenly, she hung up the call.


Just as she hung up, the phone rang again. She thought it was Benjamin, and she didn't want to answer.

However, the phone kept ringing persistently.

When she looked at it again, it turned out to be Vivian.

Madelyn felt apologetic and quickly answered the phone, "Vivian! Sorry!"

Vivian pretended to complain, "What were you doing? You took so long to answer my call! Come out for a drink!"

Madelyn was about to give her a half-year bonus, so she agreed.

Half an hour later, Madelyn arrived at a well-known bar with Vivian. The place was great, and Vivian had ordered a small room with an incredible view where half of the Gredax skyline could be seen.

Madelyn handed Vivian a check, much more than Vivian had expected.

Surprised, Vivian said, "Nicolas is competent!"

Madelyn sipped her cocktail and smiled faintly, "Florence is in charge now, and Nicolas occasionally offers guidance."

Vivian thought of the little wolf dog and felt sorry for him. She then talked about Michael, "He's pretty good, isn't he? I checked his private life. It's clean. And his family background is also not bad. Do you not want to date him?"

Madelyn played with the glass and shook her head gently. She looked at the bustling street outside the French window, where neon lights shone, and her eyes slowly became moist.

Vivian guessed who Madelyn was thinking about and sighed.

Madelyn only ever liked Benjamin.

To ease the atmosphere, Vivian joked, "Since you took over Everest Group, I've invited you out ten times, but you only came out once!"

Madelyn smiled lightly, "Everest and Francis need to be taken care of."

"What about the two children when you go on a business trip to the South tomorrow?" Vivian asked.

"I will send them to the Clarks' mansion for a week," she said.


Early in the morning, she sent the two children to the Clarks' mansion.

It happened to be Saturday, and when Everest heard they were returning to the Clarks' mansion, she bounced up happily and put on her prettiest dress.

She missed her father!

Madelyn was infected by Everest's happiness and patted her little head, "When you go there, remember to play with Emerson, okay?"

Everest was already in the back seat, bouncing with excitement.

They drove to the Clarks' mansion in a convoy of several nanny cars and arrived at nine o'clock.

The Clark family was already waiting for them.

Everest played with her grandpa for a while before jumping into Benjamin's arms and asking him to carry her.

Benjamin kissed her and looked at Madelyn.

Madelyn was dressed casually because she had to go on a business trip. She wore light-colored casual pants, a high-necked sweater, and a thin woolen coat over it.

Benjamin asked carelessly, "What time is your flight?"

"Eleven o'clock!" Madelyn replied.

Benjamin's gaze deepened.

After a moment, he said, "I'll take you to the airport later."

Madelyn saw his intention and refused softly, "No need. The company will send a car to pick me up!"

Benjamin felt a little disappointed.

Madelyn didn't want to get too close to him, so she chatted with Brianna for a while. Despite her divorce from Benjamin, she maintained a good relationship with the Clark family.

As she spoke, Benjamin stayed with Everest.

But his gaze remained fixed on Madelyn.

Madelyn only stayed for half an hour when the Everest Group's official car came to pick her up. The black business car pulled over, and Joseph got out and respectfully greeted Alexander.

Benjamin frowned and asked Madelyn in a low voice, "Is Joseph going too?"

Madelyn looked at him strangely.

Joseph is the vice president of Everest Group, so it's normal for him to go.

Grinding his white teeth, Benjamin personally escorted Madelyn into the car. He held the door for Joseph and said, "Madelyn is weak. Mr. Herman, thank you for taking care of her!"

Joseph understood the implied message in Benjamin's words.

He smiled and replied, "Mr. Clark, rest assured. This is within my responsibilities!"

Not pleased with the response, Benjamin looked deeply at Madelyn.

Joseph got into the car.

After the car drove a considerable distance, Joseph couldn't help but ask, "Are you planning to reconcile with him?"

Madelyn wanted to say no.

But she understood Joseph's feelings and didn't want to hold him back, so she gave a vague "maybe" in response.

Joseph smiled slightly.

He was a gentle and understanding man.


Inside the Clarks' mansion, Francis was still young and spent most of his time sleeping, being carried to the nursery by the nanny.

Benjamin played with Everest, building blocks together.

Alexander stood nearby and couldn't help but speak after a while, "Doesn't it make you uncomfortable seeing them together like that?"

Benjamin didn't even lift his head, his voice faint, "It's just a business trip. Nothing more than that!"

Alexander said, "I don't believe you're not jealous!"

In the afternoon, Everest needed to take a nap.

She crawled into Benjamin's bedroom and nestled on her father's body, small and soft.

Her hair was fluffy and adorable.

Benjamin stroked her little head, soothing her to sleep.

Around two o'clock, he got up and went downstairs.

Alexander was drinking coffee and saw his son holding the car keys. He muttered, "Where are you going at this hour?"

Benjamin paused and replied, "To the hospital!"

He straightened his shirt collar and said, with an air of dignity, "I recently consulted with an expert, and after treatment, it seems that I'm starting to remember some things!"

Alexander widened his eyes and secretly wondered if Ben had regained his memories.

But looking at his demeanor, he understood what was going on and coldly snorted, "You must be desperate! How can you come up with such a terrible idea!"


On that same day, Madelyn arrived in the south.

Perhaps due to the change in environment, Madelyn developed a fever at night. When Everest video-called her, she seemed a bit distracted.

Everest was young.

She quickly ran back and brought out a stethoscope.

She wanted to diagnose and treat Madelyn.

Madelyn looked at that little brown head and felt her heart soften. She missed her a lot.

She even regretted going on the business trip.


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