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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Tonight, Stay in My Room 2

When she wake up, it was already at dusk.

The autumn sunset sprinkled a layer of light gold color on the bed through the french window.

Kenneth had long been awake and watched her open her eyes. He leaned over and kissed her gently, saying, "You can sleep a little longer, I'll call you at dinner time!"

He got up and got dressed while talking.

He had a lot of things to do and Kaleb had been waiting for him in the study for a long time. But he still couldn't bear to leave her, afraid that she might wake up feeling uncomfortable.

He cherished his little girl, even if he couldn't always accompany her, he tried his best to do what he should.

Eloise was a bit shy.

She pulled the quilt and leaned against the pillow to stare at him.

Kenneth put on his clothes, bent down to kiss her, and then smiled lightly.

After he left, she dared not sleep again.

Instead, she got up and check on Madelyn and then went to chat with Athena for a while. Athena was an open-minded old lady who didn't take offense at her. In addition, since there were few girls in the Ryan family, she cherished Eloise.

In the evening, when Kenneth finished his work and returned, he saw his little girl accompanying his mother in picking vegetables.

Athena was muttering, "This is my own plant and there are no pesticides on it."

He brushed aside the vines above his head and walked over, deliberately teasing, "The old lady is so careful with these environmentally friendly things in her daily life and almost never allows others to eat them."

Athena sneered.

She said to the little girl, "Don't believe in your Uncle Ryan's nonsense! If he's serious, he would bring his "Lucy" home. At that time, I'll dig out everything in the field."

"Lucy?" Eloise was clearly stunned.

So Athena airily told her about the Kenneth's drunken dream talk.

Eloise understood and blushed.

Kenneth looked at her quietly, gave a flickering smile, making her even more uncomfortable. But she felt sweet deep down. It turned out that Uncle Ryan should call her name when he was drunk.

It was getting darker and darker.

The old lady personally cooked, surrounded by the little girl. Kenneth, who rarely touched the housework, actually stayed in the kitchen

After dinner, they returned to their room all the way.

At the door, Kenneth led her into his bedroom.

Kenneth's bedroom had a large layout, and when they entered, there was a somewhat magnificent atmosphere. The accompanying study had an antique flavor. And near the window, there was a place for coffee.

Eloise's expression was stunned.

Kenneth scratched her little nose and said, "Are you stunned?"

She said with some embarrassment, "I never thought before that my boyfriend's room would be like this..."

She spoke very tactfully.

Actually, it meant she thought he was old and always acted old school.

How could Kenneth not notice it? He smiled and made coffee with great elegance. He kindly handed her a cup.

When she picked it up, he said calmly, "Shall we continue tonight?"

Eloise suddenly disappointed.

He was so shameless!

She was much younger than him and was also very obedient. She walked to his back and gently hugged him, calling him Uncle Ryan. Kenneth held her little hand with one hand and asked her to drink the coffee.

In fact, he had a lot of official duties and rarely had leisure in the afternoon. At this time, there was no time for mischief.

Eloise didn't complain either.

He was working in the study, and she was obediently accompanying him on the side...

Occasionally, Kenneth looked up and instructed her to take something, and his little girl would happily run back and forth for him.

He was busy until midnight.

Finally, he had time to press his little girl onto the bed, torturing and making her comfortable.

Eloise thought he was a beast because he promised not to have sex...

Just as both of them were feeling a little turned on, someone knocked the door and it was Athena's voice, "Kenneth, have you slept yet? I bring you some midnight snack!"

The door lock was already turning.

The person in bed was slightly stiff.

Eloise opened her eyes wide and said in a low voice, "What should I do?"

Kenneth quickly tucked her into the quilt, kicked her slippers under the bed, and sat down against the bed, looking ready to sleep.

Athena had already entered and as soon as she saw her son's appearance, she said, "Are you ready to sleep?"

Kenneth smiled lightly and said, "Yes! I'm so busy today!"

Athena sat down with a bang.

She had a lot of leisure tonight to talk with her son, which was really a suffer for Eloise. She was almost suffocated in the blanket and wanted to move, but Kenneth used his legs to hold her head and extended his hand into the blanket, touching her like a petting a dog.

Athena finally left.

When the door closed, Eloise crawled out of the quilt, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Uncle Ryan, I can't breathe anymore!"

Kenneth gently dragged her out and placed her in his arms to carefully look at her. After a long time, he gently asked, "Do you like this place?"

Eloise blushed.

How could she like there!

Kenneth didn't continue to ask. He took the night snack sent by his mother and shared it with her.

After finishing a bowl of it, she didn't feel enough and asked for more.

Kenneth pinched her face and said, "So I'll ask my mom to get up and make another one for her little daughter-in-law?"

He was really so detestable that she jumped onto him and beat him.

After a long commotion, she hugged his neck and still cried out for hunger... Kenneth kissed her and said, "I've never seen anyone more mischievous than you! Uncle Ryan will make it for you!"

"Can you make it? "She hugged him obediently.

Kenneth smiled, put on his shoes and went out. Unexpectedly, he met his mom in the kitchen.

The old lady was quite surprised to see her son.

Kenneth lit a cigarette and opened the refrigerator to look for something: "I'm not full, I want to get some more night snacks!"


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