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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 326

Chapter 326: He Bought Their Home in Gredax 1

Eloise returned to Gredax.

She thought they wouldn't be able to meet for a long time, but after only a week, Kenneth came over.

That night, she received his call: "Come to the door!"


Her heart was beating a bit fast. 'Is he in Gredax?'

She held her phone and couldn't bear to hang up. She quickly changed into a dress and ran downstairs. Downstairs, Alexander was still awake, reading the newspaper. Seeing her little daughter, he casually asked, "It's so late, you are still going out?"

"Chloe asked me to have a night snack." She replied and ran out.

Alexander shook his head, this child was too willful!

On the side of the Clarks' mansion, a black Lotus Car was parked.

Kenneth leaned against the car door in black and smoked, his body blending with the night. When he saw Eloise running out, he gently opened his arms. Eloise naturally threw herself in. She lay on his shoulder and smelled the pleasant smell of him.

After a while, she asked like a spoiled child, "You almost burned me!"

Kenneth smiled and pinched out the cigarette, then lowered his head and kissed her lips.

She was a bit afraid, after all, she was at her own doorstep.

Obviously, Kenneth was also hesitant. He only kissed her for a while before stuffing her into the car.

Eloise slowly fastened her seat belt, her eyes bright as she said, "Where are we going?"

She actually wanted to ask if they were going to the hotel, but asking like this seemed too proactive and sounded like she couldn't wait to think about it.

Kenneth tilted his head to look at her.

They hadn't seen you for a week. He missed her so much that he squeezed this time today.

He held her hand and his voice was slightly hoarse, "You 'll know when you get there!"

Eloise agreed obediently.

The black sports car sped down the road for about an hour and stopped at the foot of a high-end apartment building on Rasta Road.

This place was quite famous for its high housing prices and excellent privacy.

It was said that the affordable ones were all business leaders and celebrities.

Kenneth took her upstairs.

Pushing open the door, it was an apartment of about 120 square meters with luxurious decoration. At this moment, a black film was playing in the hall and the black singing style was quite stylish.

Eloise took off her coat and looked around.

Kenneth let her watch as he went to the kitchen to prepare milk for her.

After reading, she went to the kitchen and hugged his waist from behind, her voice a little uneasy: "Kenneth, how is here defined?"

She was afraid that she would become his mistress.

Even if he was not married, a woman who was raised outside secretly would be called a mistress.

Kenneth whispered, "Drink the milk."

She shook her head and rarely stubbornly demanded an explanation from him.

Kenneth touched her hand and said in a slightly awkward voice, "Eloise, I can't give you a legitimate marriage at the moment, even walking together on the street in fairness would be impossible. We can't always meet at the hotel. That's too insulting for you. I know what you think of this place, but Eloise, I've never thought of you this way... You can treat this place as our home, treat me as your husband, and I'm the Uncle Ryan of your own here."

This was the best he can give now.

A private place. And he would try his best to come over and accompany her.

When Everest's situation stabilized, their relationship could be open and aboveboard.

After he finished speaking, Eloise felt a bit embarrassed.

Her mood was completely different, with some shyness and some joy.

This was the home that Uncle Ryan gave her.

Kenneth knew that the little girl had already been successfully coaxed and he said softly, "I also kept two rabbits in the bedroom. Kaleb asked someone to queue up to buy them. Do you like them?"

She relied more or less on him and said words of love, "I like you more!"

Kenneth dragged her over from behind and kissed her in his arms. After kissing her for a while, she became hungry and wanted to eat some night snack. He patted her buttocks and said, "Even if you can eat so much, you are still so bony."

In fact, she was born extremely well, with a slender waist, but the area where there should be fat was plump.

Kenneth liked it very much.

He willingly cooked her a night snack, and she circled around beside him, finally asking why Kaleb was not there.

"Do you want him to always be there?"

As Kenneth spoke, he smiled and said, "When we were having sex, you hope he would be here too?"

Eloise was about to cry in anger.

He was really shameless, bullying others with the protection of his old age.

After teasing her a while, Kenneth took the little girl to the kitchen counter and asked her to sit and watch him make dumplings.

A man who never did household chores now felt extremely happy being with her and doing this simple thing, which was much more interesting than playing in a club or listening to Violet sing songs.

He remembered last time Eloise asked him why he didn't get married.

He thought that it was not because of busyness nor because of status.

But before her, he had not met the person who really wanted to settle down with.


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