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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Madelyn, I Want You to Beg Me

Madelyn slightly looked down and pointed out, "He did that because of his self-esteem."

Daniel didn't love him.

It was just that he couldn't accept the humiliation of the fact that he had to rely on the Clark family, so he wanted to regain his self-esteem from other aspects. Therefore, he accurately targeted Madelyn, a woman who once loved him deeply.

Vivian felt sadder. She hugged Madelyn and said, "Just ignore him. He must have schizophrenia!"

Madelyn replied gently.

She had made up her mind in her heart. She decided to leave Gredax with Camila and her father when her father was discharged from prison and to live in the other place. However, she still felt guilty and sad. Because of her love affair, her father was jailed and Camila, who was in her later years, had to wander from place to place.

Vivian comforted for a long while. Later, she left first as she had to deal with some matters.

A worse situation was waiting for Madelyn. Daniel didn't intend to let her off. The employers of Madelyn's part-time jobs called her one by one and terminated their contract with her. Madelyn only nodded dully.

The last call was from Daniel and Madelyn answered the call. None of them broke the silence and only their breaths could be heard.

In the end, Madelyn finally asked in a dull voice, "Daniel Campbell, what else do you want to do?"

What else did he want to do?

Daniel curled up his lips into an indifferent smile and replied, "Don't you know it?"

Madelyn remained silent, so Daniel spoke again, "Madelyn, I want you to beg me. Everything will be solved if you beg me. I'll compensate you twice for all you have lost now and you'll lead a better life than before. Is it okay? Think about it. Weren't you happy when you were together with me?"

Madelyn said with a sneer, "Should I feel happy when I waited for you in our apartment while you were having sex with Elizabeth?"

Daniel asked in a strained voice, "Who told you that?"

Madelyn spoke blandly, "What do you think of it?"

Then she hung up her phone.


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