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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 32

Chapter 32 How Dare He Force You to Come Back to Him

Madelyn lost her job. But she didn't tell Camila about it for the time being as she didn't want the latter to worry about her.

She sat on a bench in the park alone and got lost in her thoughts.

The sunshine was perfect, but Madelyn felt very cold.

She checked the financial statement of her family and found that they would have little money left as they had to pay a large sum to Owen soon and they needed to spend some money on improving her father's life in prison.

Madelyn pulled out a thin necklace that was decorated with a light-pink diamond from under her shirt.

She caressed it for a long while in a dilemma. In the end, she still made up her mind and came to a pawn shop. The manager of the shop studied the necklace for a long while and said, "I can only give you sixty thousand it the pawn is redeemable. But if you choose to make the pawn irredeemable, I can give you more. How about two hundred thousand?"

The pink diamond was worth at least five hundred thousand dollars, but Madelyn couldn't care about it now.

She needed money!

Madelyn said with a bitter smile, "Irredeemable, please."

She got a cheque of two hundred thousand and then collected all the cash they had at home before going to Owen's law firm to pay the fees.

When she walked out of the law firm, she got a phone call from Vivian.

Vivian had heard from others that Madelyn had lost her job. She asked, "Where are you? I'll come to find you and treat me to a meal."

Madelyn agreed as it was not convenient for her to go back home now.

Vivian treated her to a hotpot meal. In the steaming restaurant, Vivian put a beef roll into the spicy pot while cursing, "Elizabeth, that bitch! I didn't like her when we studied at the university. She would try to seduce any men who looked successful. At that time, when you were Daniel's girlfriend, she even tried to seduce Daniel, publicly or secretly."

Madelyn was dumbfounded for a while. Then she said with a bland smile, "Now her wish finally comes true."

She retold what Elizabeth had said to Vivian.

Vivian was very shocked when she heard the words. But when she came back to her sense, she cursed, "Fuck, such a bitch. Daniel is also a jerk. Jerk and bitch, perfect match!"

Fearing that Madelyn would feel unhappy, she comforted her, "Don't take it to your heart. Anyway, Daniel is now Eloise's man. His disloyalty doesn't have anything to do with us."


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