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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Benjamin's Tenderness Is Her Redemption

Madelyn walked out of the villa.

The rain became heavier, and the world seemed cloaked in mist. In the dim street light, the rain was dropping into small puddles on the ground.

Feeling numb, Madelyn walked in high heels through the cold, rainy night. She walked for such a long time that her feet got injured, and blood dripped down her fair-skinned instep.

It was so painful...

Madelyn raised her head slightly and let the cold rain fall on her face.

Loving Daniel had been her sin!

Now all her feelings left for him were nothing but hatred, and she didn't want to spend her whole life paying for what she did. She would rather die with him.

Tears welled up in Madelyn's eyes, but on a cold night, it seemed that no one would notice her crying. She slowly crouched down, letting the rain wash over her body and soul...

A black umbrella was held over her head by a tall figure standing beside her.

Madelyn looked up.

And she saw Benjamin!

He was dressed in a suit, looking mature and handsome, as if he had just come from some formal occasion. As he gazed at her, the heat of his eyes made Madelyn's heart skip a beat.

Benjamin, it was him again!

Why did he always show up when she was in a mess, and she... was saved by him.

"Ms. Green, I've been looking for you all night," Benjamin said in a low and deep voice, which sounded even more charming than the music of a cello.

Madelyn looked up at him, while he extended one hand to her.

She didn't move, for her entire body was too stiff to make a response.

"Poor thing," Benjamin sighed.

He simply bent down and carried her in his arms. Her body was already soaked, which made his clothes wet too, but who cared?

Madelyn then came to feel the heat of Benjamin's body.

Their faces almost touched. Madelyn could bury her face in his neck if she lowered her head, and their posture was very intimate, which almost made her have an illusion that...


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