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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Yes, Madelyn Is with Me

Under his gaze, Madelyn's body trembled slightly.

Benjamin handed his phone to her and said, "Give your Mom a call, so she won't be worried! ...Your phone has been turned off all day!"

Madelyn took the phone and thanked him. Then she walked to the window and dialed Camila's number.

Camila was still afraid that she would make compromises with Daniel, so she asked a few more questions!

Madelyn bit her lip, unsure of what to say.

The phone was taken by a slender hand, and Benjamin talked in a gentle tone, "Camila, Madelyn is with me! My surname is Clark, I'm a lawyer named Benjamin Clark."

Madelyn was shocked.

She never expected Benjamin to be willing to tell others about their relationship...did he know what he was doing?

Not only her, but Camila on the other end of the phone was also stunned.

She pinched herself hard to make sure that she wasn't dreaming!

Was she really talking to Benjamin Clark?

The brother-in-law of that bastard Daniel?

Camila was too surprised to say a word. Benjamin easily explained why Madelyn was with him with just a few words.

After hanging up the phone, Benjamin looked at Madelyn and said, "You can go to the kitchen and make some ginger tea for yourself. Then, go to bed first...I have some things to deal with."

After saying these, he was about to walk towards the study.

Madelyn tugged on his sleeve and said, "Benjamin."

He turned around.

Madelyn said hesitantly, "I...I and Daniel..." She meant her agreement with Daniel.

Benjamin's face turned a little grim, and he said slowly, "I thought you had made your choice when you came back with me."

He put his hand on her head and then gently stroked her hair.


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