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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Madelyn Was Actually a Virgin 

Madelyn was rather tired. 

But she turned and tossed in bed at night, unable to fall asleep at all. Every time she was about to doze off, she would feel herself being held by Benjamin's strong arms. She heard him calling her name softly, "Madelyn..." 

And then she woke with a start. 

In the dark bedroom, only the moonlight filtered through the cracks of the window curtains, making her feel hazy and unreal. 

She sat up and gently stroked her face. 

It was not a dream. 

She was at Benjamin's house and slept on his bed... 

The door of the bedroom was opened slightly. It was Benjamin who came back to sleep after his work was done. He then saw Madelyn sitting on the bed with a dazed look like a poor puppy. 

He let go of the idea of turning on the light and went to bed. He sat down and gently stroked her soft long hair, "Why are you still up?" 

Madelyn followed his hand and leaned on his shoulder meekly. 

As he knew what she wanted to ask, he whispered in her ear, "I have arranged it just now. I will go to the detention center tomorrow morning. Well, he will be released on bail if nothing happens." 

Madelyn was rather thankful. 

She just held his neck instead of saying anything. 

As Benjamin was at a young age, he had no need to wrong himself. So everything happened naturally. He made the lead and they held each other and kissed. 

She was somewhat nervous as it was her first time doing it. She was in a spin about what to do. 

And her body trembled even more. 

However, the more she behaved like that, the more emotional he became... 

As they both lost their minds, Madelyn frowned and let out a soft cry of pain. 

"What's wrong?" Benjamin let go of the hot breath and asked her softly in her ear. 

Her voice quivered, "I skin my heel and it hurts a bit." 


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