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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Darling, Don't Regret It!

Daniel doubted it. "Are you going to abandon your father and Camila? Are you just going to stand by and watch them go to prison?"

Madelyn didn't want to say too much to him.

She just said, "I won't go to your villa anymore. I'll mail the key to you."

Daniel's heart skipped a beat.

What made Madelyn change her mind all of a sudden? He wanted to ask a question, but Madelyn had already hung up.

Daniel dialed his secretary's number with a gloomy face. "I need you to check what's going on with Samuel these days."

The secretary looked into it at once and then called back five minutes later, his voice trembling, "Mr. Campbell, Samuel has changed his lawyer! I'll keep looking here."

"No need!" Daniel hung up.

He wanted to make a personal visit to the detention house. He wanted to see who would have the guts to take on the case without his permission, and what would change.

Daniel quickly opened the car door and drove to the detention house. The wound on his waist had not healed, and the gauze was red with blood, but he did not care.

Twenty minutes later, Daniel's car was parked at the detention house. When he got out of the car, he saw a graceful and dashing figure walk out with people crowded around him.

It was Benjamin.

He was handsome, upright, and noble in an expensive suit.

Now he was walking down the stairs. Several officials walked along with him and talked to him politely.

Paisley was also present, laughing. "We will see ourselves out, please! Thanks for helping us with this issue."

Those few guys acted nice.

They ought to do Benjamin a favor for the sake of the Clark family!

Benjamin appreciated the propriety and necessity, shook hands with each of the others, and said goodbye... When Benjamin left, those guys looked at each other and smiled. One of them said, "This is the first time I've seen the undefeatable butcher of the legal profession, and he looks so fucking awesome!"

The others thought the same thing.

He was handsome, rich, and in a privileged position. Who didn't envy him?



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