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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 47

Chapter 47 The Woman Who Loved You Would Listen to You

Madelyn hung up on Daniel, and he banged angrily on the car.


Was this the same Madelyn he knew?

Daniel was in a foul mood, and he didn't want to admit that his mood was spoiled by Madelyn.

She was just a woman he couldn't have!

Daniel did not go to the hospital to dress the wound but drove to a club where he used to go to socialize. The club was high-end, and those who could have fun here had high social status.

Daniel got a private room and drank alone in the middle of the day.

The manager came over and had a few drinks with him before asking obligingly, "Mr. Campbell, are you at odds with your girlfriend? Look at you, drown your sorrow in booze so early in the morning. But that's not supposed to happen. I heard that the crown jewel of the Clark family is simply wrapped up in you!"

Daniel leaned back on the leather sofa, lowering his dark eyes. "Wrapped up in me?"

The manager smiled and poured him wine. "A woman will listen to you if she is so in love with you."

Daniel drank half a glass of wine without saying a word.

He slapped a smile on his face only after quite a while. "If she doesn't listen to me anymore, it means she doesn't like me, does it?"

"How can it be! Mr. Campbell, I have faith in your capability." The manager complimented.

He could tell that Daniel was upset about a woman, so he was quite quick-witted and called a girl over.

She was young and innocent.

"Talk to Mr. Campbell and keep him amused." The manager was implicit in his speech.

Daniel was going to refuse, but as soon as he raised his eyes, he froze.

Her pure little face was similar to Madelyn's, especially her profile. He just somewhat got carried away as he stared at her face. He reached out to pull the girl to his side and called out, "Madelyn?"

The manager was sensitive and withdrew.

They were the only ones left in the extravagant room.

It was the girl's whole job, and she naturally knew how to make men happy. She took the initiative to put her arm around Daniel's neck and kissed him. When Daniel was mesmerized by the kiss, he pressed her to the sofa...


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