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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Calling in Front of Daniel

Daniel's eyes were twitching.

He thought it must be the perfume from the clubhouse.

He smiled to cover up what he had done. I went to the hospital early in the morning to change my dressing. Maybe it's the nurse's perfume."

Eloise was displeased, fiddling with her nails and giving him attitude. "That nurse must be young and pretty! You must have liked it when she changed your dressing."

Daniel broke into a smile.

He nipped her cheeks, "You sound jealous."

Eloise loved him deeply and was not suspicious at all. She pushed this into the back of her mind when he sweet-talked her. And she leaned on his shoulder, her face glowing with happiness.

Alexander said as he dropped a piece onto the chessboard, "Girls should have a reserved manner!"

How could parents not know about their children? Benjamin warned that Eloise was entirely faithful and simple, and was destined to be under the thumb.

However, Alexander thought it was great for his innocent daughter to have a boyfriend like Daniel, who was a wise tactician.

Daniel easily passed the test, and a smile curled the corners of his mouth.

Just then, Brianna came over and said with a smile, "Since Benjamin is not home yet, why don't we eat first? The maids have already served the food."

Eloise pulled Daniel up and held his arm affectionately.

Alexander and Brianna smiled at each other.

The dining room had a good vibe. Daniel was very good with words, and the Clark family really liked him.


After dinner, Eloise pulled him to the second floor and into her bedroom.

The door closed, and she initiated a kiss with him... She wanted to make out with him.

However, Daniel was injured and had just had sex with someone else in the morning. He didn't have the strength to do this. Besides, he wasn't in the mood. Finally, he put her off with a few kisses.

He teased her in a husky voice. "Let's wait a few more days, okay?"

Eloise was coy.

She hugged him around the waist and inhaled the smell of him. "I wish you'd take a shower and wash the perfume off. But I'll let it pass since the perfume is from a nurse."

Daniel's eyes became pensive.


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